Flash Flood at Binan, Laguna. God is Bigger than Floods and Calamities

“It’s Raining outside, aren’t they?” (sorry for attempting such a corny joke)—This grammatical error joke pops on my head whenever I see rain. And yes, it’s raining here until now. The rain won’t stop that it made me feel so sleepy and hungry, craving for vegetable soup. So I made vegetable soup (potato and carrots). Anyhow…I’ll share a true story.

Last September(2am), My husband and I were having a radical grace study (we documented and made a video blog about it- check out theonewhomjesusloves.wordpress.com). We talked about how his life was changed when he first heard of the good news. The grace gospel. He said- that during his younger days, his life was full of worries and sin consciousness. Whenever he commits a sin, he feels dirty and he feels like he needed to do something to be forgiven by God. It just went bad for him. He felt that he’s forced to make an action to receive the righteousness. Until one day, he had a revelation from God.

Galatians2:21(NIV) “I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!”   This verse was his one of his highlights during our study. It says there that Christ died for us to be righteous. Therefore, WE ARE RIGHTEOUS BECAUSE OF JESUS’ DEATH. His blood washed away your sins since the day that you were born until the day that He comes back. You cannot work for your own righteousness because Jesus already did it. Accept that truth for it is the good news.

Going back to the story, my husband is now overflowing with the abundance of grace that he couldn’t take it anymore and he is now sharing this overflowing joy about the good news from the Lord. He’s now reigning, preaching youth dancers and many people has been touched by God’s glory.

Fast forward to 2012 (insert audio: swirling sound with electricity like traveling on a time machine). While we were in the middle of the video preach, a dog was barking outside of the house. We couldn’t proceed because of the loudness sound that it makes. We felt like something was stopping us, but we still proceed whatever happens. Until the clock strikes 3, we look outside and we were surprised that the flood is reaching on our gate and it’s about to get into the house (the flood usually don’t reach that area whenever there’s a storm coming). My sister-in-law was on their way out of the city. They left immediately using her car while we stayed inside the house. After half an hour, we got an SMS from her maid, saying they got stranded inside the car.

On my sister-in-law’s Scenario: she went out of the car to ask some help while her daughter and her maid were left inside. The rain won’t stop that the flood is rising so fast. We tried to  contact my sister-in-law but we couldn’t able to call her because the coverage area has no signal. So we took an action, my husband went out to find them (I can’t leave the house because of my baby, so all I can do is to wait for them).

The flood reached almost half of the car and if they stayed there for a while, the water might get inside and drown them inside. The maid opened the car window to shout for help.

On the other hand, my brother-in-law (who was in another car that assisted sis-in-law) got stranded too. He stayed nearby church.

After a very long walk on a fast flowing flood, my husband found my sis-in-law’s daughter with her nanny sitting on a roof of a house while holding an umbrella. The rain stops and the other family members were also found safe. Thank God, they all went home safely. They arrived at the house riding a small boat around 6 in the morning. After that, everyone gathered and tell their stories and experiences. In the end, my sis-in-law and the others who got stranded didn’t get traumatized. They even laugh at it. God made them very strong in the midst of their struggles. The best proof here is in niece’s story. She remained strong and cheerful after they had a very hard time outside. She told us that she didn’t get scared. God is really so good that even tragedy comes in our lives, He’ll make it sure that no one will harm His children. He is bigger than calamities.

Quezon City

-RED (the blood of Jesus)


The Bible Speaks

After a very long week with no electricity and water; in a neighbourhood filled with filthy dirts of flood; after the series of continuous rain, the woman has been renewed.

John 13-14 (When you read these, I suggest to read it as if Jesus is speaking to you)—These chapters are filled with promise and love. I got moved by this because before Jesus left the disciples, he gave a new command  34 A new command I give you “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”  that is more glorious than the 10 commandments that was given to Moses. Along reading the next chapter(14th), I feel like the time stopped for a while. Jesus is telling his will and what will happen when he’s gone. As I read, my heart beats so fast as if Jesus/God literally talks to me.

Jn14:1-4 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; Believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have not told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”

Jn 14:10 “Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me?”

“Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” Jesus also said that. That moment, it flashedback to the time when I dreamt of Jesus’ face (During that season, I was having a very troubled and dying life, spiritually speaking).

Jesus’ Face:

His face is so bright and white and flawless like a porcelain doll (even better).

His eyes are so strong with authority yet soft and mild. Same as the way he stands.

His nose is perfect; not too pointed, not too flat. Just perfect for his face.

His hair is long; below shoulder level. The little dark brown curls/waves suits the shape of his face.

He is so tall; I’m his above waist (I’m only 5 feet tall).

His facial feature doesn’t look like any of the nationalities but human image.

He wears white robe, long enough to cover his tall legs.


Jn14: 25-29

Jesus is about to leave the  earth. But he tells that do not be afraid because after he leaves, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in Jesus’ name will be with us…to teach and remind us of everything that Jesus said to me/you.When I was reading this verse(27th)—about giving his peace,I froze that moment. Stopped for a while and cried a lot. As I cry, the negative feelings inside me has been gone. Then I heard a sound of a dove from the outside of the house. When I looked at the clock, it was 3 in the afternoon.

This message is for you who is reading it. A testimony of how God revealed to me through the bible. Whatever great you may experiencing now is from God.

As He revealed to me, He has given me a new name. -Red (Signifies the Blood of Jesus)

Books to Recommend: Hey I just met you…

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Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, so here’s my blogsite, so read it, maybe?!

I know your ears are sooo irritated with it’s looped song of Carly Rae Jepsen everywhere. That’s what we call a viral!

This is our information age. This is the way how people spread the news. Internet is the medium. How about during Jesus’ era? Scripture on stones. Then it was transferred so it would be handy. The bible.


Speaking of Bible, we just bought  it and it’s not just one, but two plus a book about grace, so it’s equals 3!

2 NIV version + 1 Joseph Prince’s Destined to Reign= Happy Spirit 🙂

Bible: Everything that you need to know about God, Jesus, and even you can be found here. Do you know that Bible is the world’s best selling book  and most stolen item? It has 2 division, the old and the new testament.

The old testament foreshadows the coming of the savior Jesus Christ. While in new testament is the revelation of the messiah.


“God wants you to reign!” said Joseph Prince.

Radical grace. There are now churches and individuals who preach about pure grace. Thanks to God. 🙂 Enough of the focus on do’s and don’ts. Radical grace is only about God. The Trion God. The God who gives overflowing blessings. The God that is greater than evil, greater than your problems, illnesses, and diseases. The God who loves you so much.

I highly recommend the book “Destined to Reign”.


More over, we also bought new items for work and for our baby.

Check out some photos! Enjoy! 🙂


Let’s have a drink of Wine! : Be blessed

July 15, 2012/5:16am


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Well I’ve got news for you! It’s from God. J Great thing to start on a Sunday morning. Baaam! Here it goes:

Romans 8:1, Hebrews 8:6-8, and “Satan cannot manage a peaceful believer”

Check those out! Well if you’re a Non-Christian reader, your Allah, Buddha, Scientology God, Jah loves you whoever or whatever you are! Bismillah, Shalom!

These verses/words were kept on my notepad for a very long time and I didn’t know where’d I get that and why but then when I checked the Bible, it lightened me more. I’m not going to feed you with the lines, let yourself check it (you can use different version such as the King James Version or the Amplified Version for a layman’s term words. I used the Amplified for a simpler life, hehe) so you would know what’s in it.

We (My Husband and I) were watching Ironman Duology 3hours ago (if there’s such a term, it was written on the torrented file) and the scene that strikes me most was the part where Tony Stark watched the film of his father (hey wait, just to let you know, this is not a movie review…or it may be a bit.) about the legacy of Stark’s invention (was it an invention or discovery? I forgot… I’m not really good on movie reviews, sorry. My bad. But if you’ve watched Ironman2, you would understand what part I’m trying to describe). So anyway, Tony’s father said “Tony, this is for you…”. He said that everything of his creation belongs to him and it is intended for him. Take note, there’s a part that he’s saying that Tony can do better things than his father have done. And that’s what he did. If there’s no Stark, there will be no S.H.I.E.L.D and there will be no Avengers for the trending Thortang talong, Thoron, DocThor, Thor. Same as what God did. Do you remember the story about Jesus saying to a disciple “You can do better than what I’ve done”? God created life, this heaven for us.  For you, Reader. You may be an atheist, anti-Christ, agnostic, pagan, marginalized, or someone who’s been labeling you as a sinner, but hey stop from there and listen, my friend! No matter what you think of yourself, God loves you. If you don’t believe in God, well to tell you the truth, there is someone bigger than you, bigger than the world, bigger than the universe, and bigger than the evils of all evils loves you more than you know and if you don’t want believe me, believe in faith.

Faith is something you believe or expect that you can’t see. Forget about Do’s and Don’ts, condemnation, and/or going to hell if you don’t obey, and the ifs. You will be forgiven, if you will please God. HEY STOP! I’m not going to give a math lecture here but a GOOD NEWS! And the Good News is that God has been forgiven you since you existed in this world! Well actually, he’s already pleased at you. Because he sees Jesus Christ in you. Because of the blood of Jesus Christ. All the sins that Adam made have been gone because of Jesus’ death. Accept that.

Remember the woman who committed adultery? People are condemning her for disobeying the law of God. But do you know what Jesus did? He asked the people, who among you never committed a sin? Throw her a stone. No one threw a stone to the woman. The law (10commandments) was written on the stones and He said that no one should break it. And you know what Jesus did? He approached the ground and pointed his finger as if he was writing. During their time, the ground was made of stones! He is greater than what’s written on that stones. Then He told the woman that He is not condemning her, go and sin no more. The crowd would stone her to death if they could but they couldn’t, Jesus could but he wouldn’t. Jesus forgave her first and He didn’t even let the woman ask for forgiveness to be forgiven, not  what other religious churches are practicing “you will be forgiven IF you ask him forgiveness or do good things”. He even told her Go and SIN NO MORE not go and don’t sin again. That’s different. Isn’t that much empowering for us to hear what Jesus says? He doesn’t condemn.

Going back to Ironman2, it has been revealed to me that God is preparing for something big for you (And it was portrayed through Ironman, it’s funny to think but I believe that He’s into digital now, high five to Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Thomas Edison). Think about what Tony Stark was before? He’s rebellious yet trying to tell the public how great his dad is. However, he has this guilt that makes him go apart from dad. Guilt of “He thinks that his father hates him”. We know that God is “The God” but how many of us really know what God and Jesus are anyway? How much he loves us? Maybe some would claim that “I know Him, of course. I wouldn’t be here because of Him”. If that’s the case, why do we experience hate? depression? Anxiety? Why do we suffer? Relax. Take a deep breath. And let go. Simple, isn’t it? It seems simple but a lot of people can’t do it. Again, let go. God is bigger than these problems, illness, pains that you are having. He is like Mr. Stark, we thought that he punishes or hate you for being Tony but the truth is, he is preparing a big bang that is in favored in you. The bottomline of those verses are: that you are not under the law but under grace, and the other verse reveals why we are now under grace (because of Jesus). The line, “Satan cannot manage a peaceful believer” means that you cannot be attacked by those illnesses, sufferings when you have the peace. And that peace can only get from God. That’s my God.

Let’s boast not our Love for God but Let’s boast God’s Love FOR US. Until next revelation! Have a great day! Shalom!