DIY Hair Color [Blue]

I really wanted to dye my hair with an extreme and loud colors but I don’t still have the luxury to maintain it (or else, my hair might turn frizzy or damaged) so I decided to make a temporary hair color. I used blue mineral and a styling wax to flip my short hair. I didn’t color the entire hair, just few highlights and I’m satisfied with it. You can also try this at home if you are so bored with your hair. Enjoy!


Advance Halloween Makeup

Here’s an easy makeup tutorial for Halloween. I call it BLUE DOLL Makeup.

Products that I used:
Lynca Care Blue Mineral All Time Fav [blue]
Ever Bilena Black and Brown Eyeliner
Ever Bilena HD Liquid Eyeliner

I really like this blue mineral because it’s all in 1. Aside from eye shadow, you can apply it on brows, cheeks, lips, nails, and hair.

More make up tutorials on my next post! 🙂

This Summer, Psy Gentleman Parody from the Philippines!

A Comedy Love Story (or just a comedy?).

This guy is searching for his childhood love in the capital of Philippines (Manila). He said, he’ll do anything for the woman even if he swim on a kiddie pool in the streets of Marikina City. Will he ever find Maria? Watch to video to find out.

A Music Video Parody from Psy’s latest song, Gentleman. It’ll be great if you share or leave comments too. 🙂

Filmed by MCN (Mychannelnow) Youtube Channel.

Thanks and see you around!

No Make Up Challenge! Husband and Wife Make Up Ep 4

Make up challenges are being so trendy lately especially “No Mirror” and “$20” make up challenge. So here’s the challenge that we want to tag everyone!

Presenting, No Make up Challenge. The 4th Episode of our video shows how to be resourceful when there’s no make up available.

Check out what we did (what my husband did to my face. lol)

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy this video. We’ll wait for your comments and I challenge you to make some too! 🙂

See yah next time!