This Summer, Psy Gentleman Parody from the Philippines!

A Comedy Love Story (or just a comedy?).

This guy is searching for his childhood love in the capital of Philippines (Manila). He said, he’ll do anything for the woman even if he swim on a kiddie pool in the streets of Marikina City. Will he ever find Maria? Watch to video to find out.

A Music Video Parody from Psy’s latest song, Gentleman. It’ll be great if you share or leave comments too. 🙂

Filmed by MCN (Mychannelnow) Youtube Channel.

Thanks and see you around!


Wake up Playlist via

Wake up Playlist via

My daughter and I just woke up. I feel irritated and annoyed so I tried to listen to something to boost myself up. I landed on this playlist via 

Hiro is also dancing to it so i recommend this one to you, readers. 

The music is a combination of synth, electro, dubstep. Clubbing atmosphere; it’ll surely wake your nerves up!



Infinity in Music

Infinity in Music

Here’s an infinite ammo for all ‘yo music fans out there! Presenting…! [trumpet’s slows down…Am I outdated? Or am I the last person who discovered this?—actually it was just recommended by our music producer friend] Enough! just check this out, they’re playing different playlists from waking up to bed, feels like raining, or up to shi..tty moments, continuously. You just have to choose your choice of music or create your own playlist online!(seems like multiply tried to do this idea but it didn’t work) No buffering. Still exploring their amenities, lol.

This site is really cool. 🙂