Are you my Sweet November?


[Hiro holding a love letter from her daddy while doing her supermodel shot! No one taught her that, amazing!]

Being a working mother/wife is hard. One must learn to handle pressure on demanding bosses [which is my daughter and myself. lol]. I never thought that a home-based business is harder than working outside because your number 1 enemy will be yourself [talk about laziness days…]. There were no holidays, closing time, or company outings, just plain husband and wife investing for the future. Hence, I will still hold on to “Pay now, play later” rather than enjoying every money spent while our bank accounts are gradually losing. Well, we still go out on a date but not in an extravagant ways. A simple tea house is our new place to unwind. Speaking of which, my husband went for a 3-day out-of town for work and my daughter and I were left at home. Before he leaves, he asked me to go to our favorite tea house “Tea Fairy Cafe” 7pm sharp later but he didn’t say why.

7pm strikes on the clock and we (baby and I) went out to the tea house. Approaching the cashier, the manager told me “Maui?” and I said that Maui is my husband. The man said that I have free treats…wow!

At first, I thought it was just a drink and a cookie but I was surprised because he served me these!

A Dark Choco Milktea


Red velvet cupcake

fkllgndkfj cookie (Sorry, it’s really hard to memorize that one. A choco with pecan nuts cookie, my very favorite!)

Chicken nuggets

2 wrapped gifts (for Hiro and Me)

and a love letter (or sort-of-contract from my husband? lol)



Weeee!!! This is the first time that I encountered such a sweet surprise. ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of Surprise, yeah, it was indeed a 3-day surprise for me. I felt like I was Charlize Theron in Sweet November movie [the part when Keanu Reeves gave 12 different gifts to her].

Day 1: (before Maui left): Gave me my favorite chocolate candies and drink

Day 2: Received a recycled envelop (old fedex which has makeup tools, a top shirt, writing materials and a love letter. ย Plus, this Tea Fairy treat!

Day 3: A new mouse for my laptop (which I was wishing for the long time)



Eating seriously…lol. I was controlling my emotions during this moment because I don’t want to be a crybaby in front of other people (especially when my husband is not around). ย Seriously, I got so stiff when I received this but deep inside, I was jumping in happiness. Maybe this is the feeling when your loveone is not around.

Thank you TEAFAIRY CAFE Mandaluyong for serving such a lovely treat and for being an accomplice to my husband’s surprise! To my MR. October/November- and forever [Maui] who continuously give happiness to my boring life. And of course, thank you Lord for these abundant blessings!

Hiro and I really enjoyed this mommy-daughter night out! ๐Ÿ™‚


I Miss my Husband

I Miss my Husband

Few months ago…This photo was taken after I braided his hair. I really miss him though we are always together. I miss him in the sense that I want to take longer time to be with him, to sketch together, play frisbee, jog with him, have a dinner date or coffee, watch movies together, everything that we used to do when we’re not busy. This month is really a busy one for us. The hype of our career, the make it or break it part. Despite of this, I’m still happy and blessed to the fact that we are business partners. We work together in the same field. So we may not talk that much lately, I can still feel this romantic ambiance of the blue green sea in our work. I’m so excited to grow old with you, Love.

My Husband does my Makeup…in Public!

progress makeup

A Makeup Conversation

“Wife: can you explain to me what you are applying?

Husband: This if for the contour… in the circumference and the perimeter…”

Whaaaat did he just say!??? LOL


This night was so tiring and stressful… after an entire day of errands, we went to the mall to buy few items. Due to the bad weather [it was raining hard], we stayed for hours and played in Timezone. When we went out to get a cab, we noticed that almost all taxi drivers are so picky with his passengers. They want near places or they will charge you extra bucks aside from your bill. It took us an hour waiting so we decided to move from place to place…It was 12mn [normally, there are many cabs during this time] but there’s still no cab driver who is willing to drive us home. We were so pissed off so we waited for more hours and stayed in Mcdonald’s.

with my husband

make up1

For a diversion, I forced my husband to apply my falsies which I just bought…and then the makeup challenge started. lol

make up2

white crayon stick

I let him use my new makeups on me while killing the time. Take note: this is in a public place…a fast food chain wherein people dine and go. Everyone (most of them are women) was looking at us and we didn’t care.

make up3

In fairness, my husband, Maui did a great job! I liked what he did. True artist/painter he is.

And so, we went home wearing this look. lol

[All throughout that day, we were carrying our daughter. Imagine the tiredness it brought.]

And this is what we do in Marriage time! lol

Thanks for reading and I hope you like this post. ‘Till the next one! ๐Ÿ™‚

This Summer, Psy Gentleman Parody from the Philippines!

A Comedy Love Story (or just a comedy?).

This guy is searching for his childhood love in the capital of Philippines (Manila). He said, he’ll do anything for the woman even if he swim on a kiddie pool in the streets of Marikina City. Will he ever find Maria? Watch to video to find out.

A Music Video Parody from Psy’s latest song, Gentleman. It’ll be great if you share or leave comments too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Filmed by MCN (Mychannelnow) Youtube Channel.

Thanks and see you around!

No Make Up Challenge! Husband and Wife Make Up Ep 4

Make up challenges are being so trendy lately especially “No Mirror” and “$20” make up challenge. So here’s the challenge that we want to tag everyone!

Presenting, No Make up Challenge. The 4th Episode of our video shows how to be resourceful when there’s no make up available.

Check out what we did (what my husband did to my face. lol)

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy this video. We’ll wait for your comments and I challenge you to make some too! ๐Ÿ™‚

See yah next time!