Regular Routine as: Mom+Wife+Business Woman in 1

Working as an event organizer with family members are pretty uncommon especially when baby is included. There are a lot of restrictions for baby’s welfare. You can’t have overtime (because baby needs to sleep earlier), nor you can’t leave her alone on the floor while dancers are rehearsing (they might stepped on baby’s hands or feet or interrupt the entire routines). However, we won’t worry on those areas though. It’s really fun to bring my daughter at work!

Here are the common scenarios that we encounter (that maybe you encounter too!):

>> While Husband is teaching dance steps, I work on my laptop (on the floor) while baby’s on her stroller watching the dance steps.

>> Most of the time, Hiro imitates the dance steps that she sees and whenever she hears the music, she dances (raises her hands) automatically! She’s really cute while doing that!

>> Baby practices her walking skill using a┬ámono-block┬áchair (pushing the chair looks like she’s pushing a grocery cart).

>> When I have to do some out of the room errands, husband takes care of baby (and sometimes, his students take care of her too, during water breaks! Guess we found instant baby sitters, lol.).

>> When Hiro (but most of the time, I) feel bored, we stroll around the school. We go to the grassy school field where husband trains the boys some stunts (flips, breakdances whatever they call it).

>> Lastly(though there are still many scenes, just have to cut it down), meeting with deans and faculty members (or sometimes company owners) with baby! [funniest experience we had so far: while in the middle of the discussion, business consultant explains some important matters. The room was so quiet and the atmosphere is just enough for a serious business plans then suddenly Hiro farted so loud that we can’t help but laugh!]

One night, husband has finished the routine earlier (of course, I stopped my work too) so he spent time with us while watching the other choreographer teach.

Go Synckupado!
Go Synckupado!
Balance me, dad!
Balance me, dad!
Remember Marvel Vs. Street Fighter video game? Baby's hair inspiration for tonight!
Remember Marvel Vs. Street Fighter video game? Baby’s hair inspiration for tonight!
Poke mommy's eye, go!
Poke mommy’s eye, go!
Dancing to the tune of "Ordinary People"
Dancing to the tune of “Ordinary People”
Guess we can now create a circus group! Daddy on Handstand,Crawling Baby, while I'm sitting pretty, hahaha!
Guess we can now create a circus group! Daddy on Handstand,Crawling Baby, while I’m sitting pretty, hahaha!

Hope you enjoy reading and may you get inspired with it!