Let’s Eat Pasta!

“You are what you eat”


During this time, I was so conscious about what we eat lately. I really want to serve healthy and yummy foods for the family with less expensive ingredients. So this discovery was made. I discovered that Tofu can be a substitute for the usual meat that we eat. The taste (depending on how you cook it, I prefer to deep fry it first) is just as same as chicken or pork. Moreover, my husband and I love kangkong (water spinach) so I tried to invent a pasta sauce that contains water spinach, and tofu…

And here it is! Tada! I call this KamaSoupWa [Kama=kamatis or tomato, Soup, Wa=tokwa or tofu]





A cake to Make Without a Bake

I’m back again! So sorry if I wasn’t posting regularly since I reactivated my Facebook account (I told you so…hahaha! Read my previous post).

A cake can also make without a bake! (Well, that rhymes well!)

Fridge Cake. No Bake. Just freeze it and ready to eat it.

Ingredients are Grahams, Condensed milk and all purpose cream(I’m a huge fan of those 2 combination) for icing, and strawberries for a simple kick.

This won’t be a tutorial because I believe the cake is so easy that a 1st grader could make it.

I made this during Christmas eve while my husband and baby were sleeping. I know it’s too late to post this but you know, they say It’s better to be late than never!

Hope you enjoy looking at the photos and I wish it boost your appetite. Happy Eating!

Smoothie all the way

It’s rainy season! Wanna know the best partner in a weather like this? A cold drink! That is why I made smoothie for the family. But this time, I made it a little nutritious but still tastes great. Combination of vegetable and fruits, I called it Vega-fruit smoothie. It’s very easy to prepare and the ingredients are very simple.

Peaches, ripe mangoes, and malunggay. That’s all. (you can mix different kinds of fruits as long as it suits your taste)

Here are the nutrients that you can get from the following:

Peaches(Prunus Persica)- Vitamin C. Moderate source Vitamin A

Ripe Mangoes(Mangifera Indica)-  Pre-biotic dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and poly-phenolic flavonoid antioxidant compounds, potassium, vitamin A

Malunggay(Moringa Oleifera)-  [“Malunggay” in the Philippines, “Sojina” in the Indian Subcontinent, and “Moringa” in English] Rich in vitamin C, A, and Iron. Most recommended for breastfeeding mothers. They also say that this plant is a remedy against severe diseases like cancer. 20 times nutritious than spinach.




Make your own now. 🙂


Let’s grab a bite: What’s cookin’ Banana Crepe?(Maltreated but yummy!)

I really don’t have patience when it comes to cooking. I just want to eat. But then when I married my handsome husband(insert audio: yelling crowd!), I started to like cooking. I believe that “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” so that’s what I did. I hit him on his stomach… using my fist (lol).

My family tree really has this gift of cooking and almost everyone of my relatives have a profession in food. And ironically, I didn’t inherit that…until I found out that I have a sort of passion on it too! (insert audio of clapping that sounds like frying—I hate that sfx, I hear it usually on local talk shows!)

I know that I’m very new to the cooking world but thanks to hussy (i’m creating a jargon, it’s husband) for appreciating every food I make for him. And so the cooking legacy continues…

Last week, I surprised my hussy a banana crepe.

Prepare for the following (good for 2 pax):


pancake mix



all purpose cream

sugar and powdered choco for additional flavors

You just have to mix the pancake mix, the egg, and water. Cook it. Add some bananas and additional flavors then put in the fridge (let it cool first before chilling). Serve the crepe with batting eyelashes to hussy so he would look to you instead of the mess that you did to the food. 😀



I’m really glad that he liked it and I hope you should do better than what I’ve done. hahahaha. Don’t stick with one flavor, it’s just like fashion, mix and match according to your mood and fashion state Keep those taste buds working for new flavors!

Practice makes perfect! Keep on cooking! 🙂