Homemade S’mores


smores 2

As an artist, it is very hard for me to buy artistic items (lamps, shoes, paintings, etc…) which I know how to make one. Even on desserts. So I ended up making a home made s’mores. I apologize for my bad plating (this is my worse field= cooking) for I didn’t study cooking lessons.


Here are the ingredients:

Graham crackers


Nutella or Crumpy


Procedure: (Please bear with my self-taught process)


>>> Spread Nutella on the crackers (one side only)

>>> Put the first layer of the crackers on a container (find a size that will fit your creation. Mine was too large)

>>> Toast the Marshmallow on the stove or oven toaster (or you can toast the mallows together with the crackers)

>>> Put the toasted mallows above the crackers evenly

>>> Add the second layer of crackers

>>> Repeat it until reached the desired layer

>>> Decorate your s’mores



This is the procedure that I did and as you can see, I failed to make a presentable cake! Lol


Though it looks not that good, I’m still happy to see my husband enjoying and munching my art work. See you on the next post!