22nd Episode of Kill la Kill

And so Kill la Kill anime series continues. It is still airing in Japan but there are only 2 episodes left. Saaad…if you haven’t watch this, you may get a scoop about the series here. This may also serve as a spoiler post.

I just discovered that this series is ecchi genre. It means that there are sexy scenes with a little teaser for the boys, and yuri anime lovers. So this might be sensitive to young teens or children. But don’t worry, it has no penetration scenes there.

Anyway, the story is getting a lot of tension since the shocking revelation that Satsuki and Ryuko are sisters. I never thought that Satsuki, who has been built up as antagonist on the first half is really the main protagonist aside from Ryuko. Now that they are both joining the same force to beat Kiryuin Ragyo (their evil mother), will they win the battle against the life fibers (even Ragyo became a life fiber) that is dominating the world?

Today’s episode is really great and overwhelming. Ryuko was able to remove Junketsu (the counterpart of Senketsu and Satsuki’s uniform) from Nui’s stitches (which can cause Ryuko to die due to blood loss). So there goes the heroine again, sane and refreshed. Got a little reconciliation with her former mortal enemy and sister. Now that they are all prepped up, the joint forces between Honnouji academy and Nudist Beach leaders are now on their way to save humankind.

What I really love about the story is the fighting spirit that the characters have and the loyalty and honor from their leader. I believe that’s what I admire from Japanese people/artists, they presented their honor and loyalty to their country in a form of film and creating sterotype characters which represents themselves. I’m actually studying this anime because it drives me crazy!

So stay tuned for more of anime analysis. Thank you for reading and I hope to get feedbacks from you.

Now that Mako wears her goku uniform again, how can she able to fight the huge life fiber?


The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 Review

“30 Days Without Accident”

This episode is quite interesting. Establishing the prison and their new community. I think the virus is evolving. You could see that on the first few scenes, walkers are bleeding (why bleed when they’re rotting?) in the eyes and some parts of the face as if the eyes are popping. Then at the end of it, someone died and his eyes are also bleeding…hmm, I wonder how did they get it. I suspect that the cause of Patrick’s death is related to the virus spreading. Maybe this strong virus is now affecting weaker bodies which can also cause bleeding, or could it be the pig’s disease is transmissible?


Aside from that, the woman who Rick met in the woods is very symbolic. While he was outside, he saw a strange woman [which he thought was a walker] who approached him and ask for help. While they were walking, I thought that this woman was just Rick’s hallucination because they have somehow similar [in interests, past, and so on…]. Until they reached the woman’s camp, she suddenly attacked Rick to feed her husband [take note: it’s just a walker’s head inside a bag]. This part was very dramatic…the woman portrays a human who was stuck in world of no escape. So she killed herself in front of Rick. You could see that Rick is very tired of losing people.

Moreover, they are now dealing with internal issues since the group is getting bigger [and gradually getting smaller]. Less suspense, more drama. That’s what I’ve noticed. They focus more on relationships not the zombies anymore. I guess there will be a traitor inside the group. Despite of that, it’s a great episode!