Meeting for a Cause

Image[from left to right: Ferry, Channa, Sam, Nomar, Me and my baby. Photo credits from my husband, Maui]

And so our dream is now going to be a reality. If you have read my previous post, I mentioned there that we will be organizing a fund raising event for the medication support of our mentor Sir Lito. We know that chemotherapy is so expensive that’s why we decided to help him achieve all the medication expenses through a theater play.

Here’s the first meeting of our team. 4 members weren’t there because they accompanied Sir Lito’s medical check-up.

Trivia: Did you know that this group started in college? A group of Masscomm officers: Sam, Channa, Kc, Jinky, Pam, and Diah. And us (from lower batch), Ferry, and I. In 2007, we started to work together for a TV segment which aired on Studio 23. The TV show called Rush TV. It is a show by students (supervised by professionals) and for the students. Take note: we are all students during this time. Fitting our tight schedule for the shoots and meetings. Aside from this, we also have theater class under Sir Lito which we are required to participate in his Stage Plays as a hands-on training/project.

Everyone has a busy schedule. Sam is now the marketing manager of an events agency and a part time lifestyle blogger (check her blogs: Kc and Jinky is working in a mainstream TV networks. Channa resigned on her job in a mainstream Tv network too (and planning to have her own business). Diah is taking masterals while working in a corporate world. Ferry is now a mother/wife and business owner of a pastry services (check out Pastry-rific at: ), and I am a mother/wife and filmmaker for my Youtube accounts (you can see my channel:

Reuniting the same production team…it’s really a blessing because we believe that we can make this dream come true knowing that each of the members are passion-driven which Sir Lito taught us. This is also the first time that I’ll be playing a role with them (because I usually work behind the scenes). So excited to throw lines! Stay tuned for more posts…


Wake up Playlist via

Wake up Playlist via

My daughter and I just woke up. I feel irritated and annoyed so I tried to listen to something to boost myself up. I landed on this playlist via 

Hiro is also dancing to it so i recommend this one to you, readers. 

The music is a combination of synth, electro, dubstep. Clubbing atmosphere; it’ll surely wake your nerves up!



Let’s Have Coffee: Friday the 13th’s how to stay S-E-X-Y

Friday the 13th… hahaha. Also known as the universal bad luck!

This is the reason why some buildings (or almost all of them) have no 13th floor. This is also the reason why “Magandang Gabi Bayan” show (a local documentary program during the 80’s-90’s.) had been on the top ratings. [Yeah, they have a special feature that tackles on Friday the thirteenth. I witnessed that and I was frightened to death during my elementary days] Or was this the reason why Rebecca Black’s Friday made a great hit on Youtube? Consisting of 179, 609 likes and 729,659 dislikes? Who cares, anyway.

Since this day is somewhat called bad luck, let’s drink to that! And today’s beverage is: Coffeeen? No, Coffee.

Who loves veggies? (no one raises hands) Who loves exercise? (no one raises hands…fade in: cricket sound) Who wants to be sexy?(standing ovation including the security guard outside the building that doesn’t have a 13th floor) Well today will be a damn luck for it is Sexy A-list! I’m not going to give you tips on how to become sexy in 2 minutes (or maybe I could) but I will share advice on staying sexy during pregnancy or postpartum or life after postpartum. [I also consider boys, girls, LGBTI’s, tricycle drivers, everyone that may interest the concept of being sexy]. Being sexy doesn’t mean to be physically slim, petite, skinny, coca-cola body (1.5L, haha. Just kidding!). Being sexy makes you look elegant, presentable, healthy in and out, prevent thugs and bullies (This is true! According to Mike Chang of “How to Get A Six Pack”, a buff consultant who used to be so thin, then one day he woke up realizing that he should become a buff man so he won’t be bullied anymore…and get the girls. Hehe. I admire his discipline a lot!), and most of all, to gain respect and self esteem.

5 things to remember on staying sexy:

  1. Health is wealth. K Eating the right food can maintain you in good shape. So what are the right foods? Forget about following the rules of go, grow, glows, (but I’m not saying it’s bad, it will only make you get tired of following those rules, trust me) as long as you know the concept of eating a meal consists of meat, carbs, fruit and lots of vegetables. You may eat more than 3 times a day but be sure to eat small amounts. Eat when you’re hungry, not when you are craving. You can eat those unhealthy foods if you want but control it. Like in the advertising: Drink Moderately. The only thing you have to lessen is the sugar content which can double your appetite that may cause too much eating. If you are athletic or maintaining a figure, eat more of protein-rich food. Note: Not all bodies are the same, for best results, consult Dr. Google or GMG (Google mo gago).
  2.  The Brain is Sexier than the Body. Help yourself to stay updated or somehow knowledgeable. Best is to become wiser. Read books or torrented (downloaded) e-books or blogs like what you are currently doing, surf the net, socialize with intellectual or cognitive people, listen to podcast or audio tapes (is this still existing?), lessen the entertainment part (such as tweeting your 50th monthsary while the nation is mourning for the Comedy King) for it may consume your time and fill your mind with non-informative subjects. Don’t wait until you realize that the zombie didn’t notice you while he shouts “Brains”. Remember, your brain has a limit, maximize it with essential information. This one is really a pussy magnet. If not, a dick magnet. If not again, a dildo magnet. J I’ve known people who don’t really look sexy in some people’s perspective but once you get along with them, wow. Their brains are really sexy.
  3. Dress to impress? You may or may not a fan of fashion but if you want to be sexy, keep in mind that being presentable makes you become sexy. Fantastish! Clothes to wear: appropriate clothes.
  4. Exercise! (silence…) I know almost everyone will skip this number but hey! Let me explain this first. Burning fat is not the goal here but to keep you feel good. If you’re not a fan of Mang Juan’s gym or cycling clubs, find your most comfortable kind of exercise aside from typing. If you are into dancing, you can look for dance classes (We have that! We have that! Hiphop classes!) such as ethnic, slam dance, or the trending Zumba, or the more trending, the upgraded Zumba’s Aqua Zumba! If you’re not into dancing, sports like fencing, volleyball, basketball, football, footkal, fishball! There’s no fishball sport…If you’re not into dancing or sports… I don’t really know…Walking! Yeah, walking is a great exercise. And it’s cheap. You can walk to your workplace. So if you reside in Laguna and your workplace is in Bicol, that’s a great and fun way to…die!
  5. Last but not the least, It takes 21 days to make a HABIT! All of these will be a waste if you can’t make it consistent. Be sure that if you missed a day within 21days, start again as day1 until you finished the goal day. If you surpass that, it’ll become a part of your daily routine.

So I hope you learned something and remember that being sexy is not a pre-requisite to a happy life but an empowerment and benefit in living a happy life. J


Let’s drink to that!