Forest Spirit Makeup Tutorial

Forest Spirit aka Engkanto (in Philippines) makeup Tutorial. Enjoy watching!


Makeup Request: “Natural Look” Tutorial

final output

“Less is more”. This will be applicable for today’s post. If you’re a type of person who doesn’t want to apply too much makeup, here’s the best for you. You may also call this as an emergency makeup (in case you only have few products in your bag) too. For the busy mothers who have no time to wear makeups, I dedicate this to you. Like in my case, I’m a mom and a business woman, so I still need to look fresh and presentable.


A friend of mine [hello Jackie! πŸ™‚ ] will attend a wedding and she only have the basic makeup. She also said that she doesn’t know how to apply some of it. But here’s the catch, she lives in Singapore so I couldn’t go to her place to do her makeup instead, I made this step by step tutorial (hair and makeup). I also refer to her products so that she can follow easily.

Imagine if there’s no brush and no foundation? what would you do? be resourceful. πŸ™‚


So let’s get started!

*Make sure to clean your face first to avoid breakouts.

Step 1: Apply your favorite powder (optional: apply concealer and foundation before the powder) evenly. Don’t forget to apply on ears and neck or else you’ll look like a ghost! lol

Tip: add more powder under your eyes, less on forehead. Since we have limited materials, you may consider your baby’s powder if you don’t have foundation. πŸ˜›

step 1

Step 2: Eye pencil on brows [pardon for my uncleaned brows]. You may apply the pencil directly but if you want to have softer brows, you can use cotton buds as your brush. (When I was a kid, I always use cotton buds for painting because I have no paint brushes available. Same strategy but this time, my canvass is my face. hehe) Just follow the line of your brows. I used brown pencil here. You can use any color that you like as long as it will not exaggerate your brows. You want to have a natural look, avoid too much application. Since Jackie has a beautiful, thicker, black brows (which complements her face) but she has no black eyeshadow or pencil, she may skip this part.

step 2


Step 3: Eyeshadow. Apply it on your lids. The first eyeshadow should be 2x lighter than your skin tone. On Jackie’s part, she has a lighter skin tone so this color fits on her. Again, I used the cotton bud as a substitute for brush. You can use your fingers if you want.

step 3

Step 4: Contour & Blend. Contouring (sounds-like conjuring, lol) is a kind of technique that gives illusion or shadow of a thinner nose, higher cheekbone, fuller crease and so on… (this is based on my opinion only) apply a darker e/s shade on your crease (and on lower lash line). This may be messy at first but bear with it, you can blend it and clean afterwards. Blend the darker shade inwards until it looks natural. The application on your lash line should be thin, do not overdo it.

step 4

Here’s how it should look like:

preview contour

*Option 2 : Using Brown pencil and cotton bud, apply it on crease and lower lash line. Blend well.

step 4 option

Step 5: Highlight the center of your eyes (using white eyeshadow) for a dramatic effect. Blend this carefully together with the eyeshadows. Apply it on the corner of your eyes and on your Β brow bone too. (oops, I wasn’t able to capture it… sorry)

step 5

Here’s the difference. You can see that if you use eye pencil, you’ll have a darker dramatic look while on the right side is more natural look so I go for the eyeshadows. πŸ™‚

preview eyes

Step 6: Use your middle and ring (am I correct?) fingers when you use the blush. Β Smile so that you can see the apples of your cheeks. Apply it in a circle motion then spread it outward. You may also want to use the same blush for your chin and forehead as the bronzer but you have to be careful on that. Small amount is good.

step 6

Step 7: Lips! Apply it directly on your lips. You can add lip shiner for a glossy look but I prefer a matte color for a pinky natural lips.

step 7

Here’s the preview: (Oh, and by the way, I wear different makeups on my eyes)

preview makeup

For the hair, you may refer to this photo:

Option 1

hair option 1

Here is the output. It looks like a mini moehawk with a side pop.

preview hair 1

Option 2

hair option 2

Tada! Simple yet neat.

preview hair 2

Hope you learn from this tutorial and if you have requests or questions related to this, it will be my pleasure to answer or do it… πŸ™‚

For more makeup tutorials, you can check out my Youtube channel: Marga Manalo.

Thanks for dropping by! Paalam! [It means goodbye in Filipino]

My Husband does my Makeup…in Public!

progress makeup

A Makeup Conversation

“Wife: can you explain to me what you are applying?

Husband: This if for the contour… in the circumference and the perimeter…”

Whaaaat did he just say!??? LOL


This night was so tiring and stressful… after an entire day of errands, we went to the mall to buy few items. Due to the bad weather [it was raining hard], we stayed for hours and played in Timezone. When we went out to get a cab, we noticed that almost all taxi drivers are so picky with his passengers. They want near places or they will charge you extra bucks aside from your bill. It took us an hour waiting so we decided to move from place to place…It was 12mn [normally, there are many cabs during this time] but there’s still no cab driver who is willing to drive us home. We were so pissed off so we waited for more hours and stayed in Mcdonald’s.

with my husband

make up1

For a diversion, I forced my husband to apply my falsies which I just bought…and then the makeup challenge started. lol

make up2

white crayon stick

I let him use my new makeups on me while killing the time. Take note: this is in a public place…a fast food chain wherein people dine and go. Everyone (most of them are women) was looking at us and we didn’t care.

make up3

In fairness, my husband, Maui did a great job! I liked what he did. True artist/painter he is.

And so, we went home wearing this look. lol

[All throughout that day, we were carrying our daughter. Imagine the tiredness it brought.]

And this is what we do in Marriage time! lol

Thanks for reading and I hope you like this post. ‘Till the next one! πŸ™‚

DIY Hair Color [Blue]

I really wanted to dye my hair with an extreme and loud colors but I don’t still have the luxury to maintain it (or else, my hair might turn frizzy or damaged) so I decided to make a temporary hair color. I used blue mineral and a styling wax to flip my short hair. I didn’t color the entire hair, just few highlights and I’m satisfied with it. You can also try this at home if you are so bored with your hair. Enjoy!

Beyond the Colors: Getting Started as a Beauty Guru

Beyond the Colors: Getting Started as a Beauty Guru

“parang nung bata tayo. dati you always pretend to put make-up” [“when we were just a kid, you always pretend to put make up”] – Cathy Cruz, a childhood friend

Above was a Facebook comment on a make up album that I uploaded.

And so I finally decided (after sooo many years, my husband has convinced me) to document my makeup tutorials. As a backstory, I am a self-taught painter. I paint on canvass, fabrics (shirts), wall, and face. I did some face paint jobs before in some events. As a matter of fact, they were free of charge. I don’t charge them because I like what I’m doing. I just do it out of passion.

During my high schools days, I make my sister’s hair and make up for her hosting events. My most favorite theme that I did for her was the “rockstar” look because I love dark and gothic colors. Aside from this, I also did my own hair and makeup on my graduation and my wedding.

If we talk about makeup experience, I have tons of them which is too many to mention.

When I uploaded my first make up video which is the “Rage against Pink”, I (and few people) discovered that I excel more in avant-garde style. I received great feedbacks which encourages me to continue this path. In fact, I am collaborating with a certain cosmetic brand which suits my personality. A very unique and revolutionary one.

Here is my Youtube cover photo. You can take a look at it, just search on Youtube: Girlsipa or Marga Manalo.

This won’t be possible without the help of my friends and consultants. Thanks to Sam Lanuza and Allyne Nasayao. They are the real make up artists! I learned a lot from them. Above all, to God who really surprised me in providing this kind of career or journey. Lord! why did you exposed my real feminine side? lol Thanks for letting me do this!

Stay tuned for more avant-garde makeup tutorials. Halloween is near! Do want to see some horror prosthetics? zombies? It will be in series. πŸ™‚

Daily Look Makeup

Here’s my daily look makeup. This is for busy people who have no enough time to wear makeups. Fast and easy!
Just using 1 product for all and your basic kit.

Featured product: Lynca Care [Candy Gal]

See you on the next post!