The Author

I am a Filmmaker and Businesswoman in the process.  We (I and my husband) create videos which airs on Youtube. Most of our films are comedy but technically our category is in the entertainment field. From makeup tutorials, music video spoof, animation, and vlogs. I am also in the investing stage where I am practicing the pipe-line strategy. Waiting for harvesting our trees of passive income.

I become geeky when the topic is about art…and games. Speaking of which, I’m a gamer and anime geek during my younger years. And I’m going back to where I started (though I’m kind of late). I just really wish to be a cosplayer.

I’m also a mother of 1 child. I’m taking care of her while I work (my work is on internet anyway). Happily married with the man who has the same passion as mine. The most loving person that I met is now a part of me. Isn’t that the most lovely gift from God? An eternal present.

I have another blog page which I share my revelations from Jesus.

Theonewhomjesusloves is really a great reminder that God loves you. There are posts that are enlightening and encouraging which points to God Jesus Christ’s glorious works.

So relax, and have fun reading and remember to LIVE your life to the full, Laugh at the top of your lungs in happiness, and LEARN more about resting in Christ.

Thank you for dropping by and I’m excited to read your posts too. 🙂


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