It’s Mother’s Day!

Being a Director of Operations aka MOTHER (lol) is such a challenging work. You spend 24/7 of your time taking care of your children (yes finally, I have 2 kids now!), not to mention the sleepless nights. hahaha!

Time flies too fast. Before, I was just a small kid who wants to be with her mother everyday. And then now, I have my own children (they’re growing so fast).

Now I fully understand how honorable to become a mother. It is so magical to realize that the love of a mother is so precious. Back then, I thought, I would never become this fulfilled and contented with my life without the guidance of my mom (we communicate digitally, thanks to social media!). That is so true. And then when I became a mom myself, I also realized that my children also shaped me to become a better version of me. “Walang ako kung wala ka, anak.”

Walang Ako Kung Wala Ka

And as an advance Mother’s day gift to myself, My daughter got a chance to be part of this heart warming commercial. She’s the little girl wearing pink dress.

This commercial touched my heart and realized that it is not just applicable to me and my mother (because literally, I won’t be here without her), but also for me and my children. Our life wouldn’t be so meaningful and joyful when they are not around or if they do not exist. My children gave colors to my life, it also strengthens my marriage life because when my husband and I are down, they were the ones who cheer us up.

Walang Ako Kung Wala Ka video really makes my day! Click this to watch the full video: Walang Ako Kung Wala Ka Commercial

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your day with your family! Till the next blog. Ciao!