Digestive cleansing, the natural way!

When diet is wrong, medicine is no use. When diet is correct, medicine no need. -Ayurvedic Proverb

This is now my stand when it comes to wellness. When we are sick, we need nutrition, not antibiotics. When we are ill, it only means that our immune system is low, so we need enough nutrition to prevent the sickness. This is what I learned from my naturopathic doctor, Dra Christine Gonzalez, NMD, PhD. She’s also a missionary doctor and an activist for a wellness lifestyle. I’m so grateful that I met someone like her.

Speaking of wellness, I just arrived from an overnight CDC (Complete Digestive Cleansing) treatment with my husband. Some may call it detox, flushing method, and so on…this is a program that Dra. Christine created to her patients [most of her patients are cancer victors by the way!].

Let me share you my journey to this cleansing, and how important it is for everyone.

What happens in this treatment? From the word itself, this method will cleanse your entire digestive system (including your fatty liver, kidney, colon, intestines, etc…) and remove your gallstones, the natural way! You heard it right, it is possible to remove gallstones without needles or any surgeries. In my opinion, this is better than laparoscopy (also, cheaper than those said methods)!

In this method, you’ll experience to take a lot of special formulated drinks, eat fruits and vegetables, and flush (poo) a lot! In between hrs, they will also monitor your blood pressure and weight. This is an overnight treatment so sit back, relax, and flush it out!

Day 1. 8am

Arriving at the place. Just a little walk from the main road

We arrived at the location and they served a yummy, healthy breakfast. A bowl of sliced papayas and mangoes, and a small bowl of quinoa with coco milk, chia seeds, and raisins. Plus a lot of tarragon and calIMG_20160303_081602.jpgamansi water.


I feel so healthy that moment! Heavenly!


After that, the nurse assisted us to check in to our room and rest for few hours. One of the doctors visited us and gave a little orientation about what will happen to the program.

Between 10am-2pm, we are transitioning to fast. They serve plenty of pumpkin soup (which is really delicious with full of flavors), mixed beans soup, carrot juice, and a lot of water for hydration. I didn’t feel that we are under the treatment because of the mouthwatering food that they serve. I just felt that I am having a date with my husband in a nice hotel with a great scenery of Tagaytay. lol

carrot juice
pumpkin soup
soup with beans, chickpeas, and veggies
Soup again, with infused tarragon and calamansi water

And the fasting has started. From 2pm-6pm, they let us rest and serve nothing even water. Since we were still full from what we took, we slept within those hours.

At 6pm, they served a glass of red juice and 2 slices apples as a chaser because it tastes weird. It smells like soil with some weird herbs that is not so pleasant to your nose, but it tastes not really bad. You can still bear to drink it. We just think it’s a “cranberry juice”.

the mystery juice

After few mins, my stomach is rumbling and I feel like going to the toilet. Good thing is, there’s no pain on it. It will just let it goooo, let it gooo! Can’t hold it back anymore [did you just sang the song? lol]. The result was like there’s a running water behind me, flowing like a river. It was totally water and small fibers floating. I believe those are the dirt from our colon, intestines, and so on…

It was intense, but not so smelly. You might consider to stay or sleep inside the toilet because whenever you move a little, it will just go out. In fact, I made a little game for us, to keep us pooing. I wrote a score sheet on the mirror and write our names on it. Whenever we poo, we get 1 point. Guess who the winner is? Of course, me! lol

8pm. We drank that juice again…and it went on again.

10pm. Hoo! I feel bloated and sleepy already. They served a new drink, this time, it gets bigger (I wasn’t able to take a photo of it). Maybe twice of the size of the red juice. They shake it very well and then instructed us to drink it “straight” while standing. I breathe heavily, thinking of the taste of the red juice. Hooray! It tastes great! It was just calamansi and olive oil [or another ingredients]. There’s a nice sweet aftertaste. After drinking, it is important that we lie flat on the bed (with no pillows) for 30mins. That way, the substance of what we drank will penetrate the dirts of our body and flow down smoothly when its time to flush(poo). It also makes the gallstones shatter, if you have a bigger one. Then, the nurse gave us a big strainer to filter the stones when we flushed it.

After 30mins+ (because we extended a bit for more effectivity), it’s time to go to sleep. All was on my mind was to drink a glass of water. I got thirsty but we can’t take anything yet, so I just laid on the bed and have a nice sleep. zzzzzz

Day 2. Goodmorning! It’s 6am and it’s time for red juice again! Oh noes! lol

mystery “cranberry” juice

I’m telling you, the knifes and needles are much scarier than this drink. You’ll love the effect of it. You’ll feel refreshed and clean!

(For educational purposes only. Sorry, it’s really gross to imagine or look at this but you can skip this part if you want. :P),

After taking the 4th drink, I felt the need of toilet so I get my strainer and put it on the bowl (it’s as big as the hole of toilet bowl). I was surprised with the result! It was all green and 2 black stones  (size of a grain of rice). It means that I’m healthy!


gall stones bw.jpg
Harvested gall stones and fats

Then my husband had his own moment of toilet…when he went out, he told me that he harvested a lot. When I looked at it and it was really a lot of stones! Not just 1 or 2, it was more than 5 big stones (size of a regular button) and countless small ones. All in different colors: black, green, combinations…at that moment I realized that taking this treatment is really a great decision for us especially to his condition. If he didn’t take the program immediately, he might get cancer or even worse. To make the long story short, his harvest was 1/4-1/2 of the strainer. It was really many.

The clock ticks at 8am, hooray for the 5th and final red drink! And guess what will happens next…we can get to drink water!!! So after drinking, series of flushing again, and so on…then they served carrot juices to start our engine right. At 11am, we felt sleepy but our insides are cleansed. I felt like a new born child! It’s done!

Getting some vitamin D

So before we leave, the doctor advised us to have another session for my husband’s complete recovery. There will be series of natural programs and good eating habits are one of that. It is important to stay away from animal meat (such as chicken, pork, and other injected foods like gmo products) and eat only local fruits and veggies (which I really love). She’s telling us that we are so blessed that we have abundance of non-gmo fruits and vegetables in the Philippines. GMO means Genetically Modified Organisms. I will talk more about GMO [and it’s damage to our body] on my next post.

So anyway, it is lunch time and I was craving for sinigang. Lucky me, they served us an all natural fish sinigang and red rice for lunch! I really really love how they cooked it, the fish is so tender (normally, I can only eat 1/4 of fish during meals…this time, I ate it all!), the camote tops complements the rice and soup. It is full of ginger and I really can’t get over with it.


After we eat, we packed up and had a last blow. I thought it was finished, but I released 3-4 green bigger stones (1 is like an inch size). Good thing, I was able to released it there because our travel period takes 3-4hrs. We left at 1pm because we hang out a bit and took pictures of the place.

(Apologies for the bad photography)

looking at the crops
entrance of the dining room/reception
titan!!! lol
going home

So there you go, that was our first experience with CDC program. Our next treatment will be Lymphatic Drainage.

For those of you who are in the same situation, I highly recommend a non-surgery method because it is safer and there’s no need for recovery period unlike with the ones who requires stitches. And it’s painless!

On the following posts, I will share what I know about GMO and our experience in Lymphatic Drainage. See you on the next post!

If you want to know more about this, you can leave your comments here or you may check their website: http://www.wellnessinstituteinc.com/


3 thoughts on “Digestive cleansing, the natural way!

    • garethology

      Hello, thank you for your comment. According to one of their doctors, cdc can be done to as young as 7 yrs old onwards (depending on the condition of the child).

      I believe in younger ages, they will still check if they need the procedure. 🙂

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