All about Potty Training

As a parent, your child’s welfare is really important for us. We always want the best for them. And as the journey of your growing child goes on, we encounter one of the messiest things in their mileage, potty training.

Who among you have a hard time training your kids? Well as for me, I just surpassed this stage and I feel like I graduated from a college degree. It was really a great relief. However, it was indeed a looong process.

My daughter just turned 2yrs old last February and I never thought of the idea of potty training. I even don’t know how to teach her when to use it. I believe to the saying that “you’ll know the time when she’s ready for something”, maybe its in the parents instincts. So the day comes when I felt that she feels irritated when wearing diaper. She always removes it and takes a pee everywhere around the house. The problem is that whenever she tells me “wee wee”, the floor is already wet. Or sometimes with bombs all over the place.

So it has been months of trial and error for us to learn the proper use of toilet time.

When I was browsing over the internet about tricks about potty training, I found this link:

  Click Here!

Potty training kids in just 3 days. It’s a guide that could help parents to avoid a long process of training children. The author’s story about her experience in practicing her child’s potty training was presented interestingly too. By using her guide, you may no longer experience embarrassments in public (when your baby does her thing) or waking up with a wet blanket and bed sheet (if you sleep beside your kid).

As I watched the video, she explains that there are preparations for yourself before you start to train your loveone. So it was really a practice. Training yourself to teach your baby is the answer!

How about you, what are your preparations for your child regarding on this matter?


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