Shakey’s accepts Paypal

ImageImageLast Sunday was a craving day. I was thinking about pizza but my problem is, my money was still on my Paypal account. So I searched for online food deliveries which accepts paypal as a payment method. It was also my first time to order food using Paypal. 

So my cursor landed on Shakey’s. I was searching for other food deliveries for future needs but it seems like they are the only one who accommodates it in our location (Laguna, Philippines). If you guys know online food delivery which accepts Paypal, I’ll be happy to know.

Anyway, I would like to share my experience on ordering Shakey’s. Their website is user-friendly. I was able to order without any confusion. Plus, it drives me to order when I see their menu photos. By the way, I tried to use my mobile when ordering. Just like the other food deliveries, you have to follow the steps like placing your orders, location, contact details, to deliver your order. Then after ordering, they will email or call you to confirm the orders. I received their email in less than 10mins. It was really fast. They sent me my tracking id, and a message confirming that they received my request. They told me to wait for a call. So I waited for them. Almost half an hour has passed and there’s no call. So I emailed again. Shakey’s agent replied that my phone was unreachable but they confirmed that my order will be delivered within 45mins. So I checked my mobile to see if there’s anything wrong. Bloopers! My mobile was on airplane mode. I guess my daughter accidentally switched it on. Lol.

After few minutes, hooray! My order arrived. It would have been faster if my mobile has not in the plane mode.

Thank you Shakey’s for delivering my pizzas! It was really convenient to pay online! I hope that there are more online enterprise that delivers for less than an hour. 

Try it for yourselves! Order Shakey’s using Paypal. 🙂


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