My Daughter won over Her Dad in Arm Wrestling!

It was after Christmas when we created our DIY table for our daughter. Materials are all recycled!

So we made a trial test if this table is strong enough. Daddy challenged his daughter to fight him over arm wrestling! lol
Sadly, dad can’t win from his strong daughter. Who can ever imagine that a 1 year old baby can win from an adult.

This is how it looks like when nothing to do.

It is really funny to see how they look. My daughter is like David, and my husband is like the giant Goliath. [Trivia about Goliath: Did you know that the place Golgotha was named after Goliath? this place is known for executions where they punish criminals.] Okay, we are getting too far from the subject. Going back, watch this video and see how cute they are when playing.

It is really an achievement for a mother to see that her child is enjoying the company of her father…and playing arm wrestle!

Did you ever win from an Arm Wrestling challenge?

This video is published on Mychannelnow Channel on Youtube. My apologies for a shakey camera shots.

See you on my next post! This is garethology, signing off.


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