Monetizing Youtube: 3 Steps Tutorial

Creating videos is really fun! And it’s cooler if there will be perks that you can get from Youtube. Introducing, Youtube Monetization feature! Monetizing in this website is not really new, but for those who wants to devote themselves to go for a long term source of income or should I say, Investment, this could be one of your choices. Here’s an easy step by step method on how to activate your Monetization feature. But before that, you have to log in to your Youtube account. If you have none, sign up (or use your Gmail account for this)!

Step 1: Go to Youtube Stetings. It can be seen when you click your icon/profile photo on the top right corner.


Step 2: Click Monetize videos

You can see the Monetization on the left side. Click that, and you will see this. Click that blue button saying “Monetize videos”.


Step 3: Click Monetize

When you click the monetize video, this will appear. As you can see, the last part is unchecked because my videos aren’t containing paid products. You can now click Monetize.


And that’s it! You can now start monetizing your videos. Look at the green dollar icon. It means that it is now monetized. If you see a question mark, it means that your video is being reviewed by Youtube.


If you want to see your performance or how much your earnings, you can go to analytics (located at the left side) and you’ll see your estimated earnings.

Some tips before you switch your game on, be careful on your video contents. YT do not tolerate videos containing third parties or materials which is not owned by you. Make sure that you own the videos to avoid piracy. We don’t want to pirate our videos too, don’t we? And make sure that you have good standing!

So have fun and I hope you learned from this easy tutorials. 🙂

Stay tuned for more online tutorials.


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