Outfit as a weapon? “Kill la Kill” Anime Series


Have you watched Kill la Kill? I really find this anime very unique and worth watching. Aside from the Daimos or Lupin III-like illustration, I must say that if you are looking for an out-of-the-box anime, then you should watch it. It was aired last October 2013.

Usually, anime character’s weapon are from super saiyan transformation, rose whips, bat bombs and many more…I never thought that a uniform or an outfit can serve as a weapon too. In Kill la Kill anime, outfits are very important. In fact, they value it so much that students rather die fighting for their suits than to have no uniform. That’s where they get the extraordinary powers.

Speaking of which, it’s really funny how outfit transformation are presented. Think Sailormoon’s transformation, but in a cool and speed up version. With additional wind force upward, you can see that Ryuko’s (protagonist) breasts are dancing upward too. lol. I think they mocked Sailormoon on that.


I also noticed that they sort of mock hentai animes through outfits. Notice that Gamagoori’s (one of the Elite Four) strength is through absorbing attacks from his opponents then he’ll return it double the strike. It portrayed a masochist type from hentai. But that’s not all, his outfit is filled with bandages that looked like a mummy. Beneath that, you could see him strangled with more chains and a ball with ropes wrapped in his mouth. Just like what you see in a bondage hentai.


And don’t forget Aikuru and the “Nudist Beach” rebels. That’s really humorous for me because it actually makes sense that if the antagonist uses clothes against men, then protagonist is on the non-clothing side which named as Nudist Beach. They are actually naked but of course they won’t let it be seen on the screen. Its really funny to see how Aikuro explains an important information. Spotlights will appear out-of-nowhere while he strikes a supermodel pause. Then his dress is slowly moving down until he gets undressed.



Anyhow, I just love how they show the relationship between Ryuko and Senketsu ( Ryuko’s sailor outfit who talks). I see it as a marriage commitment [though they are just friends] because the power that Ryuko uses is a combination of Senketsu and hers. That’s how it differs from all outfits that was created. They are one, unlike from other outfits, Goku uniforms were designed just for adding extra powers to them. If you have no uniform, you are nothing. But for Ryuko, her outfit becomes stronger because of her strong fighting spirit. I find it really romantic and sweet. Especially when they talk to each other, it seems like they are husband and wife or parent and child. They protect each other and they join together in their worsts and bests.


It was really cool and amazing to think that an outfit will be very valuable to people in the story. In fact, the story revolves around clothing as weapon and most powerful tool than money [and the mystery of finding who kills Ryuko’s father, whom also stole her Scissor blade’s other half]. I bet some fashion designers or anyone whose interested in clothing or fashion would like this anime. I give this five stars!


I will write more of insights and reviews on my next post. But before I leave, I would like to ask a question. If you would choose an outfit or uniform as a weapon, what would it be?


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