All about Potty Training

As a parent, your child’s welfare is really important for us. We always want the best for them. And as the journey of your growing child goes on, we encounter one of the messiest things in their mileage, potty training.

Who among you have a hard time training your kids? Well as for me, I just surpassed this stage and I feel like I graduated from a college degree. It was really a great relief. However, it was indeed a looong process.

My daughter just turned 2yrs old last February and I never thought of the idea of potty training. I even don’t know how to teach her when to use it. I believe to the saying that “you’ll know the time when she’s ready for something”, maybe its in the parents instincts. So the day comes when I felt that she feels irritated when wearing diaper. She always removes it and takes a pee everywhere around the house. The problem is that whenever she tells me “wee wee”, the floor is already wet. Or sometimes with bombs all over the place.

So it has been months of trial and error for us to learn the proper use of toilet time.

When I was browsing over the internet about tricks about potty training, I found this link:

  Click Here!

Potty training kids in just 3 days. It’s a guide that could help parents to avoid a long process of training children. The author’s story about her experience in practicing her child’s potty training was presented interestingly too. By using her guide, you may no longer experience embarrassments in public (when your baby does her thing) or waking up with a wet blanket and bed sheet (if you sleep beside your kid).

As I watched the video, she explains that there are preparations for yourself before you start to train your loveone. So it was really a practice. Training yourself to teach your baby is the answer!

How about you, what are your preparations for your child regarding on this matter?


Monetization on Youtube: How to Link Adsense to Youtube account

Thank you for reading this post. If you have read my previous post “Monetizing Youtube 3 Steps Tutorial”, then you may now proceed to the next step which is How to be able to get that money?

The answer is to link or associate your Google Adsense account to your Youtube channel. I’ll teach you the step by step process in case you haven’t tried yet.

Step 1: Go to Youtube Settings. You can see it above your YT Cover photo.


Step 2: Go to Monetization Section. It is located on the left side of the page. Then you will see those Guidelines and Information and click the message “How will I get paid”. A message will appear something like this (written below) and you can now click “Associate an Adsense account”. In case it did not appear to your page, you might want to enable your monetization first. Here is the tutorial on how to enable the monetization (


Step 3:Click Next

Read the instruction given to you and click “Next” below. They will redirect you to your Google Adsense account.


Step 4: Sign In (or SIgn Up) to your Google Adsense

They will ask you to log in to your Google Adsense. In case you haven’t signed up, better register now. Its easy anyway, you can use your existing gmail address.


Step 5: Accept Association

You may want to customize your settings first before accepting the association such as choosing your content language etc…

After that, click Accept. That’s it!


I hope you learned from this tutorial and I will see you on my next posts about monetizing online.

It will be my pleasure to answer your questions if you have anything to ask. Write it on the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

Shakey’s accepts Paypal

ImageImageLast Sunday was a craving day. I was thinking about pizza but my problem is, my money was still on my Paypal account. So I searched for online food deliveries which accepts paypal as a payment method. It was also my first time to order food using Paypal. 

So my cursor landed on Shakey’s. I was searching for other food deliveries for future needs but it seems like they are the only one who accommodates it in our location (Laguna, Philippines). If you guys know online food delivery which accepts Paypal, I’ll be happy to know.

Anyway, I would like to share my experience on ordering Shakey’s. Their website is user-friendly. I was able to order without any confusion. Plus, it drives me to order when I see their menu photos. By the way, I tried to use my mobile when ordering. Just like the other food deliveries, you have to follow the steps like placing your orders, location, contact details, to deliver your order. Then after ordering, they will email or call you to confirm the orders. I received their email in less than 10mins. It was really fast. They sent me my tracking id, and a message confirming that they received my request. They told me to wait for a call. So I waited for them. Almost half an hour has passed and there’s no call. So I emailed again. Shakey’s agent replied that my phone was unreachable but they confirmed that my order will be delivered within 45mins. So I checked my mobile to see if there’s anything wrong. Bloopers! My mobile was on airplane mode. I guess my daughter accidentally switched it on. Lol.

After few minutes, hooray! My order arrived. It would have been faster if my mobile has not in the plane mode.

Thank you Shakey’s for delivering my pizzas! It was really convenient to pay online! I hope that there are more online enterprise that delivers for less than an hour. 

Try it for yourselves! Order Shakey’s using Paypal. 🙂

My Daughter won over Her Dad in Arm Wrestling!

It was after Christmas when we created our DIY table for our daughter. Materials are all recycled!

So we made a trial test if this table is strong enough. Daddy challenged his daughter to fight him over arm wrestling! lol
Sadly, dad can’t win from his strong daughter. Who can ever imagine that a 1 year old baby can win from an adult.

This is how it looks like when nothing to do.

It is really funny to see how they look. My daughter is like David, and my husband is like the giant Goliath. [Trivia about Goliath: Did you know that the place Golgotha was named after Goliath? this place is known for executions where they punish criminals.] Okay, we are getting too far from the subject. Going back, watch this video and see how cute they are when playing.

It is really an achievement for a mother to see that her child is enjoying the company of her father…and playing arm wrestle!

Did you ever win from an Arm Wrestling challenge?

This video is published on Mychannelnow Channel on Youtube. My apologies for a shakey camera shots.

See you on my next post! This is garethology, signing off.

22nd Episode of Kill la Kill

And so Kill la Kill anime series continues. It is still airing in Japan but there are only 2 episodes left. Saaad…if you haven’t watch this, you may get a scoop about the series here. This may also serve as a spoiler post.

I just discovered that this series is ecchi genre. It means that there are sexy scenes with a little teaser for the boys, and yuri anime lovers. So this might be sensitive to young teens or children. But don’t worry, it has no penetration scenes there.

Anyway, the story is getting a lot of tension since the shocking revelation that Satsuki and Ryuko are sisters. I never thought that Satsuki, who has been built up as antagonist on the first half is really the main protagonist aside from Ryuko. Now that they are both joining the same force to beat Kiryuin Ragyo (their evil mother), will they win the battle against the life fibers (even Ragyo became a life fiber) that is dominating the world?

Today’s episode is really great and overwhelming. Ryuko was able to remove Junketsu (the counterpart of Senketsu and Satsuki’s uniform) from Nui’s stitches (which can cause Ryuko to die due to blood loss). So there goes the heroine again, sane and refreshed. Got a little reconciliation with her former mortal enemy and sister. Now that they are all prepped up, the joint forces between Honnouji academy and Nudist Beach leaders are now on their way to save humankind.

What I really love about the story is the fighting spirit that the characters have and the loyalty and honor from their leader. I believe that’s what I admire from Japanese people/artists, they presented their honor and loyalty to their country in a form of film and creating sterotype characters which represents themselves. I’m actually studying this anime because it drives me crazy!

So stay tuned for more of anime analysis. Thank you for reading and I hope to get feedbacks from you.

Now that Mako wears her goku uniform again, how can she able to fight the huge life fiber?

Soft smokey look using 2 colors only

Here’s an easy way of applying a smokey purple makeup look using only 2 colors: Purple and Beige. And do you know that this product can be used not only on eyes, but on cheeks, lips, hair, and nails.

Watch this step by step video to see how you can maximize these 2 color minerals.

Monetizing Youtube: 3 Steps Tutorial

Creating videos is really fun! And it’s cooler if there will be perks that you can get from Youtube. Introducing, Youtube Monetization feature! Monetizing in this website is not really new, but for those who wants to devote themselves to go for a long term source of income or should I say, Investment, this could be one of your choices. Here’s an easy step by step method on how to activate your Monetization feature. But before that, you have to log in to your Youtube account. If you have none, sign up (or use your Gmail account for this)!

Step 1: Go to Youtube Stetings. It can be seen when you click your icon/profile photo on the top right corner.


Step 2: Click Monetize videos

You can see the Monetization on the left side. Click that, and you will see this. Click that blue button saying “Monetize videos”.


Step 3: Click Monetize

When you click the monetize video, this will appear. As you can see, the last part is unchecked because my videos aren’t containing paid products. You can now click Monetize.


And that’s it! You can now start monetizing your videos. Look at the green dollar icon. It means that it is now monetized. If you see a question mark, it means that your video is being reviewed by Youtube.


If you want to see your performance or how much your earnings, you can go to analytics (located at the left side) and you’ll see your estimated earnings.

Some tips before you switch your game on, be careful on your video contents. YT do not tolerate videos containing third parties or materials which is not owned by you. Make sure that you own the videos to avoid piracy. We don’t want to pirate our videos too, don’t we? And make sure that you have good standing!

So have fun and I hope you learned from this easy tutorials. 🙂

Stay tuned for more online tutorials.

Outfit as a weapon? “Kill la Kill” Anime Series


Have you watched Kill la Kill? I really find this anime very unique and worth watching. Aside from the Daimos or Lupin III-like illustration, I must say that if you are looking for an out-of-the-box anime, then you should watch it. It was aired last October 2013.

Usually, anime character’s weapon are from super saiyan transformation, rose whips, bat bombs and many more…I never thought that a uniform or an outfit can serve as a weapon too. In Kill la Kill anime, outfits are very important. In fact, they value it so much that students rather die fighting for their suits than to have no uniform. That’s where they get the extraordinary powers.

Speaking of which, it’s really funny how outfit transformation are presented. Think Sailormoon’s transformation, but in a cool and speed up version. With additional wind force upward, you can see that Ryuko’s (protagonist) breasts are dancing upward too. lol. I think they mocked Sailormoon on that.


I also noticed that they sort of mock hentai animes through outfits. Notice that Gamagoori’s (one of the Elite Four) strength is through absorbing attacks from his opponents then he’ll return it double the strike. It portrayed a masochist type from hentai. But that’s not all, his outfit is filled with bandages that looked like a mummy. Beneath that, you could see him strangled with more chains and a ball with ropes wrapped in his mouth. Just like what you see in a bondage hentai.


And don’t forget Aikuru and the “Nudist Beach” rebels. That’s really humorous for me because it actually makes sense that if the antagonist uses clothes against men, then protagonist is on the non-clothing side which named as Nudist Beach. They are actually naked but of course they won’t let it be seen on the screen. Its really funny to see how Aikuro explains an important information. Spotlights will appear out-of-nowhere while he strikes a supermodel pause. Then his dress is slowly moving down until he gets undressed.



Anyhow, I just love how they show the relationship between Ryuko and Senketsu ( Ryuko’s sailor outfit who talks). I see it as a marriage commitment [though they are just friends] because the power that Ryuko uses is a combination of Senketsu and hers. That’s how it differs from all outfits that was created. They are one, unlike from other outfits, Goku uniforms were designed just for adding extra powers to them. If you have no uniform, you are nothing. But for Ryuko, her outfit becomes stronger because of her strong fighting spirit. I find it really romantic and sweet. Especially when they talk to each other, it seems like they are husband and wife or parent and child. They protect each other and they join together in their worsts and bests.


It was really cool and amazing to think that an outfit will be very valuable to people in the story. In fact, the story revolves around clothing as weapon and most powerful tool than money [and the mystery of finding who kills Ryuko’s father, whom also stole her Scissor blade’s other half]. I bet some fashion designers or anyone whose interested in clothing or fashion would like this anime. I give this five stars!


I will write more of insights and reviews on my next post. But before I leave, I would like to ask a question. If you would choose an outfit or uniform as a weapon, what would it be?