What’s your Ideal Date?

Here’s a short film about a married couple who dreamed on having dinner at the Yacht Club. To their excitement, it seems that they prepared too much… See what will happen.

How about you, what is your ideal date?


New Chapter of Life

It’s been a long time since I wrote here…well, good thing is, I’m back again!

2013 was really a tough year for us as a new family and new married couple. We encountered rocky roads, great challenges in life and it is too many to mention those hardships that we experience. I say that a married life is either heaven or hell on Earth. lol.

But despite of those challenges and problems, we held on to each other. 

As we enter the new chapter of our life, we celebrated at the rooftop. Swimming on a kid’s pool windy late afternoon. A very colorful afternoon reminds me of my childhood. This is far better than a five star resort. Priceless. Simple yet full of happiness and Grace. 🙂Image