Homemade S’mores


smores 2

As an artist, it is very hard for me to buy artistic items (lamps, shoes, paintings, etc…) which I know how to make one. Even on desserts. So I ended up making a home made s’mores. I apologize for my bad plating (this is my worse field= cooking) for I didn’t study cooking lessons.


Here are the ingredients:

Graham crackers


Nutella or Crumpy


Procedure: (Please bear with my self-taught process)


>>> Spread Nutella on the crackers (one side only)

>>> Put the first layer of the crackers on a container (find a size that will fit your creation. Mine was too large)

>>> Toast the Marshmallow on the stove or oven toaster (or you can toast the mallows together with the crackers)

>>> Put the toasted mallows above the crackers evenly

>>> Add the second layer of crackers

>>> Repeat it until reached the desired layer

>>> Decorate your s’mores



This is the procedure that I did and as you can see, I failed to make a presentable cake! Lol


Though it looks not that good, I’m still happy to see my husband enjoying and munching my art work. See you on the next post!


Growing up


Baby on her first months…she’s so tiny and chubby.


Now, look at her now…still beautiful and innocent. She’s really growing fast. I just want to keep this memory in the virtual world so that when she grows up, she’ll see how beautiful she is.

Before, she likes sleeping and drink her milk…but now…do you know what she likes? Makeup. *scratching head* lol.