The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 Review

“30 Days Without Accident”

This episode is quite interesting. Establishing the prison and their new community. I think the virus is evolving. You could see that on the first few scenes, walkers are bleeding (why bleed when they’re rotting?) in the eyes and some parts of the face as if the eyes are popping. Then at the end of it, someone died and his eyes are also bleeding…hmm, I wonder how did they get it. I suspect that the cause of Patrick’s death is related to the virus spreading. Maybe this strong virus is now affecting weaker bodies which can also cause bleeding, or could it be the pig’s disease is transmissible?


Aside from that, the woman who Rick met in the woods is very symbolic. While he was outside, he saw a strange woman [which he thought was a walker] who approached him and ask for help. While they were walking, I thought that this woman was just Rick’s hallucination because they have somehow similar [in interests, past, and so on…]. Until they reached the woman’s camp, she suddenly attacked Rick to feed her husband [take note: it’s just a walker’s head inside a bag]. This part was very dramatic…the woman portrays a human who was stuck in world of no escape. So she killed herself in front of Rick. You could see that Rick is very tired of losing people.

Moreover, they are now dealing with internal issues since the group is getting bigger [and gradually getting smaller]. Less suspense, more drama. That’s what I’ve noticed. They focus more on relationships not the zombies anymore. I guess there will be a traitor inside the group. Despite of that, it’s a great episode! 


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