A Racist Comment Went Global

Have you heard about the news about Miss World? Congratulations to Miss Philippines. However, we couldn’t avoid negative feedback on people over the world. Here’s a video compilation of a netizen who posted racist comments about the Miss World winner. Another hater from a winner. Well there’s something I wanna say: Love or Hate, that’s still an obsession. When someone makes a great record, there will be haters everywhere so if anyone is experiencing such this, they will help you become more popular for they will spread these news to their friends and tell how not cool you are and so on…just like what happened to Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, and Rebecca Black. Where are they now? They’re now famous and successful because of these haters. Great job!

Stay tuned to Mychannelnow for more trending and entertaining videos. This is Garethology, signing off… 🙂


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