Beyond the Colors: Getting Started as a Beauty Guru

Beyond the Colors: Getting Started as a Beauty Guru

“parang nung bata tayo. dati you always pretend to put make-up” [“when we were just a kid, you always pretend to put make up”] – Cathy Cruz, a childhood friend

Above was a Facebook comment on a make up album that I uploaded.

And so I finally decided (after sooo many years, my husband has convinced me) to document my makeup tutorials. As a backstory, I am a self-taught painter. I paint on canvass, fabrics (shirts), wall, and face. I did some face paint jobs before in some events. As a matter of fact, they were free of charge. I don’t charge them because I like what I’m doing. I just do it out of passion.

During my high schools days, I make my sister’s hair and make up for her hosting events. My most favorite theme that I did for her was the “rockstar” look because I love dark and gothic colors. Aside from this, I also did my own hair and makeup on my graduation and my wedding.

If we talk about makeup experience, I have tons of them which is too many to mention.

When I uploaded my first make up video which is the “Rage against Pink”, I (and few people) discovered that I excel more in avant-garde style. I received great feedbacks which encourages me to continue this path. In fact, I am collaborating with a certain cosmetic brand which suits my personality. A very unique and revolutionary one.

Here is my Youtube cover photo. You can take a look at it, just search on Youtube: Girlsipa or Marga Manalo.

This won’t be possible without the help of my friends and consultants. Thanks to Sam Lanuza and Allyne Nasayao. They are the real make up artists! I learned a lot from them. Above all, to God who really surprised me in providing this kind of career or journey. Lord! why did you exposed my real feminine side? lol Thanks for letting me do this!

Stay tuned for more avant-garde makeup tutorials. Halloween is near! Do want to see some horror prosthetics? zombies? It will be in series. 🙂


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