Meeting for a Cause

Image[from left to right: Ferry, Channa, Sam, Nomar, Me and my baby. Photo credits from my husband, Maui]

And so our dream is now going to be a reality. If you have read my previous post, I mentioned there that we will be organizing a fund raising event for the medication support of our mentor Sir Lito. We know that chemotherapy is so expensive that’s why we decided to help him achieve all the medication expenses through a theater play.

Here’s the first meeting of our team. 4 members weren’t there because they accompanied Sir Lito’s medical check-up.

Trivia: Did you know that this group started in college? A group of Masscomm officers: Sam, Channa, Kc, Jinky, Pam, and Diah. And us (from lower batch), Ferry, and I. In 2007, we started to work together for a TV segment which aired on Studio 23. The TV show called Rush TV. It is a show by students (supervised by professionals) and for the students. Take note: we are all students during this time. Fitting our tight schedule for the shoots and meetings. Aside from this, we also have theater class under Sir Lito which we are required to participate in his Stage Plays as a hands-on training/project.

Everyone has a busy schedule. Sam is now the marketing manager of an events agency and a part time lifestyle blogger (check her blogs: Kc and Jinky is working in a mainstream TV networks. Channa resigned on her job in a mainstream Tv network too (and planning to have her own business). Diah is taking masterals while working in a corporate world. Ferry is now a mother/wife and business owner of a pastry services (check out Pastry-rific at: ), and I am a mother/wife and filmmaker for my Youtube accounts (you can see my channel:

Reuniting the same production team…it’s really a blessing because we believe that we can make this dream come true knowing that each of the members are passion-driven which Sir Lito taught us. This is also the first time that I’ll be playing a role with them (because I usually work behind the scenes). So excited to throw lines! Stay tuned for more posts…


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