Boxing in streets…a stunt?

So this guy has the balls to go around the city to prepare for his fight. He wants to be Manny Pacquiao’s next challenger. Suddenly, he had an accident…check out what the scenario will be.

Only in MCN (Mychannelnow)!


This Summer, Psy Gentleman Parody from the Philippines!

A Comedy Love Story (or just a comedy?).

This guy is searching for his childhood love in the capital of Philippines (Manila). He said, he’ll do anything for the woman even if he swim on a kiddie pool in the streets of Marikina City. Will he ever find Maria? Watch to video to find out.

A Music Video Parody from Psy’s latest song, Gentleman. It’ll be great if you share or leave comments too. 🙂

Filmed by MCN (Mychannelnow) Youtube Channel.

Thanks and see you around!