Blindfolded! Husband and Wife Make Up Challenge

And so we were challenged to do a trendy Make Up Challenge…blindfolded! Husband does it while I became his guinea pig. lol

Enjoy this 6th Episode of Husband and Wife Make Up!


A cake to Make Without a Bake

I’m back again! So sorry if I wasn’t posting regularly since I reactivated my Facebook account (I told you so…hahaha! Read my previous post).

A cake can also make without a bake! (Well, that rhymes well!)

Fridge Cake. No Bake. Just freeze it and ready to eat it.

Ingredients are Grahams, Condensed milk and all purpose cream(I’m a huge fan of those 2 combination) for icing, and strawberries for a simple kick.

This won’t be a tutorial because I believe the cake is so easy that a 1st grader could make it.

I made this during Christmas eve while my husband and baby were sleeping. I know it’s too late to post this but you know, they say It’s better to be late than never!

Hope you enjoy looking at the photos and I wish it boost your appetite. Happy Eating!