Hiro Greets Bloggers


“a?wwwwwwwwwwwwwww B M                                                        L      M, “—Hiro

Guess we need some baby translator for this. Does Google translate have one?

[Hiro screams…wants to say, “I wanna write on the keyboard too!” so mommy lets her. Here’s what she wrote] mbnhhhhhhhgy miu9ui888ieeeeeeeek b

[Then mommy put her down again because she’s almost ruining the keys. she keeps on tapping, not typing. Tapping so hard. Hiro cries out loud. Mommy put her to bed. After several minutes of suiting a cranky baby, Hiro finally takes her siesta…end!]

Whew, being a mother is such a pain in the ass. lol But fun, too! Baby is just trying to help mommy to write something on her blog. Wait for the next post, lists about ahem, babies again!

See yah later, readers!



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