10 Things I Hate About Babies

It just popped out of my head the film of Julia Stiles’ “10 Things I Hate About You”. So I wonder, what if I make my own lists? 10 Things I Hate About Babies…It sounds cruel or rude but I bet you would understand why I’ve got to post this. So here it goes!

10th Thing I hate about is: when they cries so loud that you can’t figure out what they want. Since they can’t talk yet, the only communication that they know is to cry. But hey, if you’re the type of person who loves to play guessing game then you’ll enjoy this crying game! (but don’t let them cry too much or don’t let them cry at all.)


She looks like she's crying here.
She looks like she’s crying here.

9th. When she/he says “mama” for the first time. Heart melting,eh? But suddenly she reaches for her sippy cup of water. She actually means “mamam”, drink, not calling you. mama again for nap time, mama for boredom, mama, mama, mama everywhere. On the brighter side, still, its her first time to say a word!

8th. When she’s too energetic to party at night while you feel tired and sleepy for playing with her the entire day. Baby don’t want to sleep yet. So you try to feed her, sing lullaby, rock gently, count sheeps and so on until you make yourself fall asleep [while baby is still awake]. Worse case is when she pokes your eyes while you sleep. Take note: EYES! not just one…lol

Want to be a filmmaker too?
Want to be a filmmaker too?

7th. Babies are really messy on foods, toys, or anything that they hold. When you clean, their intention is to help you but the end product is: tada! scattered toys and worse, undees (she can reach our box of undees so she throws everything away). On Hiro’s case, she likes dvd cases. She goes to the cd colletions then she does her thing, throw everything away, eat the dirt, rip papers then leave the mess. When I try to clean it, she’ll go back and do it again. So one time I tried to leave it unclean. She never comes back again, I won! The next day, I cleaned it. Then here she comes again…haaaaaa…thought I won. lol. What a great destroyer! She’s great because she tricked mommy and a destroyer because she destroyed mommy’s plan. oh snap…

6th. And so she sleeps like an angel…but kicks like Bruce Lee! sometimes she kicks my head, breasts, tummy, daddy’s adam’s apple…sometimes…but most of the time, she puts her entire feet on my face! I really wonder what she’s dreaming. Maybe she dreams about she’s on a tournament and she thought I was the opponent. Or she just dreamt of her bottle of milk (which I thought every baby’s default dream looks like that) and kicking, too much for happiness.

1 month old. Sleeping like angel
1 month old. Sleeping like angel

5th. I’d like to call them BABY TOPS! as in top, turumpo in Filipino. They roam around circling around the room like a top. Out of their curiosity, they explore interesting objects such as remote control, a plastic bag, a tiny ant then they go to another place to find some more. They are like hurricane and tornado; they leave the place damaged. If babies are the hurricane, then I gotta say that insects are the victims. Where can they go for evacuation center?

4th. There are so many things that I can list down but a week won’t be enough for that…anyhow, can you imagine when baby had an accident?

I hate it so much. Especially when they fell or something fell on them. Cuts. Electric fan cuts her skin (finger).Twice. It tears you apart when you see her hand bleeding and when she cries in pain. Haaa. It drives us crazy. What I hate much than this? myself. You can’t blame the fan or her for putting her own finger on those propellers. No one to blame but me. On the contrary, it’ll give you the boost to protect her more. Gives you bravery. (Ha! my baby puts her finger inside the electric fan. I’m tough, so I gotta try it too! If my baby can, so as I!—Husband. My love got an accident with that fan too! So I gotta say who the real father is. lol)

3rd. Babies are great imitators! Mimic. When I try to call my baby to crawl back at the bed (while I wave her to go back), she waves back too. Then continuing her thing. Word of advice for parents: Never leave the lights on (or get another room!). Or else…she/he’ll imitate what she saw (with the moaning sounds too)!

2nd. Some kids are “kidnappables”

On my baby’s case, there’s no strangers with her. I call her Miss Congeniality for befriending everyone she sees (even scary looking strangers). She’s okay if I leave her with a baby sitter or a relative.

Brat look!
Brat look!

And last thing that I hate about babies…

1st. Babies grow too fast…Sadly, the cutie, tiny feet will wear stilettos soon. I just can’t imagine how fast she grows. Yesterday she was just as light as a computer speaker, but now, she’s almost walking by herself. The next thing you know is, she’ll marry the rockstar guy 3rd block away from your home. ahhhh!!!

I always tell it to my husband, and I always get the same reaction. He laughs.

So I guess let’s not be in a hurry, motherhood/parenthood isn’t a race.

Those are the things that you can look for once you have a baby. I hated it, but I love it!

Till next 10 things! [up next… post for my husband!]


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