Flash Flood at Binan, Laguna. God is Bigger than Floods and Calamities

“It’s Raining outside, aren’t they?” (sorry for attempting such a corny joke)—This grammatical error joke pops on my head whenever I see rain. And yes, it’s raining here until now. The rain won’t stop that it made me feel so sleepy and hungry, craving for vegetable soup. So I made vegetable soup (potato and carrots). Anyhow…I’ll share a true story.

Last September(2am), My husband and I were having a radical grace study (we documented and made a video blog about it- check out theonewhomjesusloves.wordpress.com). We talked about how his life was changed when he first heard of the good news. The grace gospel. He said- that during his younger days, his life was full of worries and sin consciousness. Whenever he commits a sin, he feels dirty and he feels like he needed to do something to be forgiven by God. It just went bad for him. He felt that he’s forced to make an action to receive the righteousness. Until one day, he had a revelation from God.

Galatians2:21(NIV) “I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!”   This verse was his one of his highlights during our study. It says there that Christ died for us to be righteous. Therefore, WE ARE RIGHTEOUS BECAUSE OF JESUS’ DEATH. His blood washed away your sins since the day that you were born until the day that He comes back. You cannot work for your own righteousness because Jesus already did it. Accept that truth for it is the good news.

Going back to the story, my husband is now overflowing with the abundance of grace that he couldn’t take it anymore and he is now sharing this overflowing joy about the good news from the Lord. He’s now reigning, preaching youth dancers and many people has been touched by God’s glory.

Fast forward to 2012 (insert audio: swirling sound with electricity like traveling on a time machine). While we were in the middle of the video preach, a dog was barking outside of the house. We couldn’t proceed because of the loudness sound that it makes. We felt like something was stopping us, but we still proceed whatever happens. Until the clock strikes 3, we look outside and we were surprised that the flood is reaching on our gate and it’s about to get into the house (the flood usually don’t reach that area whenever there’s a storm coming). My sister-in-law was on their way out of the city. They left immediately using her car while we stayed inside the house. After half an hour, we got an SMS from her maid, saying they got stranded inside the car.

On my sister-in-law’s Scenario: she went out of the car to ask some help while her daughter and her maid were left inside. The rain won’t stop that the flood is rising so fast. We tried to  contact my sister-in-law but we couldn’t able to call her because the coverage area has no signal. So we took an action, my husband went out to find them (I can’t leave the house because of my baby, so all I can do is to wait for them).

The flood reached almost half of the car and if they stayed there for a while, the water might get inside and drown them inside. The maid opened the car window to shout for help.

On the other hand, my brother-in-law (who was in another car that assisted sis-in-law) got stranded too. He stayed nearby church.

After a very long walk on a fast flowing flood, my husband found my sis-in-law’s daughter with her nanny sitting on a roof of a house while holding an umbrella. The rain stops and the other family members were also found safe. Thank God, they all went home safely. They arrived at the house riding a small boat around 6 in the morning. After that, everyone gathered and tell their stories and experiences. In the end, my sis-in-law and the others who got stranded didn’t get traumatized. They even laugh at it. God made them very strong in the midst of their struggles. The best proof here is in niece’s story. She remained strong and cheerful after they had a very hard time outside. She told us that she didn’t get scared. God is really so good that even tragedy comes in our lives, He’ll make it sure that no one will harm His children. He is bigger than calamities.

Quezon City

-RED (the blood of Jesus)


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