Baby Walkers: recommended or not?

Dr. David Geller(Pediatrician) said that baby walkers may delay your babies from walking and sitting unassisted. American Academy of Pediatrics is against the usage of baby walkers because it discourages the infant to walk on his own and it may cause danger.

A month ago, my 8 month old niece just had an accident caused by the walker. She fell on the stairs and had so many bruises and wounds. The injuries were not severe but the accident was very traumatic. I was using the same baby walker. I borrow it whenever my daughter eats her cereal. I almost bought one (my pegged design was the local vintage one. It’s cheaper and it looks unique). But when I saw articles about its disadvantages, I hold back. From now on, I wouldn’t let my baby to use a walker again even if it makes you breathe a bit from stress.

So parents, have safety precautions.  🙂

Thanks to Dr.Google and Baby Center

Sorry for the not-so-good editing. It is a draft.

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