Quality Time

How would you spend your quality time to your love ones?  Here are the usual examples of what couples do:

– Watch movies together

– Dine in a fine dining restaurant (or fast food chains)

– Take a bath together (or don’t take a bath on the entire day)

– Do some sporty activities (cowgirl, reverse cow girl, military sty…ahem… think sports)

– Do the laundry together

And so on and so on…


We normally do those too. But our most favorite thing to do is: to shoot (record). Film is one of our passion that we do. Plus, it really makes us bond together like a glue. So if you’re tired to do the usual watch movie together, why do something like you’ve never been done before? (get a hooker and let them do the house chores while you and your love ones are enjoying barbecues beside a bat cave…just an idea. hehehe)

The webisode that we are working on is about husbands and wives roles. A 3-4 minuter tutorials that a man and a woman must know. It is really a challenging film; Imagine a Michelle Phan make up tutorial but the husband will be the one teaching. And for the wife, she’ll be teaching about electronics and what a man supposed to do. I mean, how would that suppose to look like? A man teaching about households and beauty while the woman is teaching carpentry and machinery. The challenge is interesting though. The most important part is: enjoying the moment together. Working while spending time, perfect combination!

While my husband is working on his plants (Plants vs. Zombies), I gave him little accessories for our new webisode. I made his hair color gold using a body paint and draw some awkward tattoos to suit his machismo character.




Here’s a sneak peek of the film:


That’s my man!

So I hope that you got some ideas to spice up your relationship. Creativity is the key and I know that you have tons of them. 😛

*Challenge for couples: How would you break the SOS(same old shit) routine on a marriage life?


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