Welcome to the Marriage Club!

I’m getting married!!! To whom? To my guy best friend which happened to be my boyfriend that lead me to marry him…too bad for I will spoil all of his secrets!

It was 10th of July, we exchanged vows. Wear the most precious ring. Ate the sweetest cake. And my groom’s most awaited part, to change my surname. I can clearly remember how the day shines so great despite the rainy climate (yes, it’s like rain on a wedding day! Alanis Morisette’s Ironic—but it wasn’t Ironic at all. It is indeed a blessing!). I feel like I am the most beautiful bride on that day. Here’s the script about what happened…

One rainy morning, the bride and groom shares one bed. The bride wakes up. The Groom is still sleeping. The bride got encouraged to sleep again. After an hour. They are still sleeping…

Everybody’s waiting. The bride and groom wakes up late. While the bride is rushing to the bathroom, the groom is preparing for his suit. The bride sees what the groom is doing.

Bride: What are you sewing?!

Groom: (while using the big, old sewing machine) I am making an improvised tie for the suit.

The bride’s heart melts so bad. While staring at the tie…

(Voice Over)Bride: (feeling guilty) I wish I didn’t avail this gown…if only we could rush to a department store, but it’s too early. 😦

The bride gets a banana. She throws it to the husband.

Bride: Here, you haven’t taking your breakfast yet.

Groom: (smiling like a gorilla) Thanks.

They forgot to cut the long veil to be used for the bride. While waiting for the car, the groom fixes his bride’s veil.

Arriving at the Lake, everybody’s taking coffee; you could see dozens of eye bags and bored faces.

Using the non-traditional system, the groom and the bride walked together at the aisle…with an umbrella…while an instrumental music (saxophone with a beat like a sex scene) is playing. The sound system in charge didn’t know what music to be played.

Fast forward to the exchanging of vows…

The bride says her vow. Then she suddenly stutter. The bride laughs with the microphone turned on. Everybody laughs.

The groom says his vow. The bride cries while the groom is declaring his eternal commitment.

Kiss the bride scene… since the bride is short, her chin is up waiting for the groom to kiss but the groom was so overwhelmed with joy, he got pre-occupied looking at the people and she forgot to kiss the bride. The bride is still looking up, waiting. She couldn’t take it anymore so she pulled her groom’s suit to be noticed. The ending: The groom holds the bride, opened the veil. The veil dropped together with the head dress. Then they kissed. Cheers!

The entire wedding was really a comedy. I hope you enjoyed my short story of love and comedy. Till the next story!

Here are some photos:

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(Location: Lakefarm Binan Laguna, Philippines)


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