Let’s Drink Beer: Stuffed Toy!

Howdy! What’s with the stuff toy anyway?!

I asked my husband to select a random topic for a post. And he answered with full energy, “STUFFED TOY!” So I’m going to share something 10 things what I know about Stuff Toys(without researching on Dr.Google. ha!).

In 3…2…1…Write!

1. Stuffed toys are fluffy. Textures varies from feathery, furry, rough—yes we have that in Divisoria, etc…

2. Almost everyone in the world loves it because of the comfort that it brings.

3. A curved needle is being used in stitching the outer part of the toy.

4. You can make your own improvised stuffed toy using your sewing kit and old clothes. It’s even a great way to save mother earth(the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)

5. Elmo of Sesame Street is also a stuffed toy…guess I was the last one to know that!

6. During the Pre-teen to early 20’s, stuffed toys are so popular as a present to couples (if not, at least it became so popular during my high school years…your classmates would think that you are a loser if you haven’t receive any. So I bought one for myself…HA! Just kidding!).

7. Bear Hugs and Bear Cuddlers were the most popular bear stores during the late 90’s in Manila (I’m not really sure, I just made it up).

8. The tiniest bear stuffed toy is smaller than a finger (approx. half a centimeter).

9. Lotso is the name of the Toy Story 3’s villain. And he’s a stuffed toy

10. Stuffed toy is a kind of toy that has a stuff in it. lol

So I wish that you learned some senseless and useless trivia from this post!

Till the next drink! Cheers man!


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