Let’s Grab some Beer: Marriage life

I wonder what we look like when we become a cartoon character so I illustrated us. He’s the cop and I’m his villain. HAHAHA!

Today is an ironic day, had a small fight with my husband and I just ended up not talking to him…then I want to write spontaneously about something I’m so familiar with (and I love the most). So here it goes! Funny thing is that while I write, my husband is inches away from me, working on his computer. Anyhow, I guess he’ll be reading it once I post this.

Sooooo…what’s it like in a marriage life? well I gotta say, you have to prepare yourself when entering this stage. To give a background about my life, my husband and I are together for years, we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary (where? in our national museum and some random places where 4th grader’s field trip goes—artsy fartsy mode), we have a cute daughter, we are currently residing on his parent’s home (not to mention the Β in-laws—…haaaa), and he is 11 years younger older than me. He’s in early 30’s and I’m in my early 20’s. It’s really a generation gap, eh? Or maybe not, because it seems like we’re just in the same age.

Eversince I was a kid, I really love to draw. I even fantasize anime characters and wishing that I’d become one of them (obsessed?). And thanks to God! He let me marry the man who was more obsessed with cartoons. I am so happy with the illustration that I made. It really looks like we transformed into superheroes…In this illustration, I made him become the good guy cop and I’m the villain. They say cops always chase the villain and liked the concept of being chased. πŸ™‚ This is only a part (midshot) of the whole drawing, I’ll upload the whole once its finished.

Going back to marriage…it’s really hard to describe and explain. But you see, my life is not meaningful if Emmanuel is not my husband today. If he’s not the one, these will be the questions that will worry me a lot.

If he’s not the one:

1. My curious daughter wouldn’t exist today

2. Then who will do the laundry and plates? hahaha

3. Then how would I know that there are many beautiful films that I missed.

4. Then maybe I’m still single…and counting till 50…60…70…

5. Then maybe I’m still watching the movies in theather…alone.

6. Then I wouldn’t feel how beautiful I am.

7. Then I wouldn’t become the happiest bride who danced in barefoot during the wedding day.

8. Then I think I’m still homeless.

9. Then I think I wouldn’t feel the year of itch in a marriage.

10. Then I wouldn’t be forced to buy furniture and appliances(I don’t like decorating the house)

11. Then I wouldn’t understand the word love and patience.

12. Then I would get irritated at someone for being late at work.

13. Then I wouldn’t experience the richness of life.

14. Then I think I’m still a drunkard who party hard and throws up in a plant box.

15. Then I think I won’t be here in the Philippines.

16. Then I think I wouldn’t found out that I am afraid of heights because of his marriage proposal located at the top of the mountain.

17. Then I think I wouldn’t have the chance to know Thor, Black Widow, Hawk Eye, Capt. America, and the rest of Avengers.

18. Then I think I wouldn’t experience a comedy labor and delivery.

19. Then I think I wouldn’t laugh in the middle of the night because he fell asleep inside our daughter’s crib.

20. And last, If Β he’s not the one, maybe I wouldn’t believe how much God loves me so much.




6 thoughts on “Let’s Grab some Beer: Marriage life

    • garethology

      Thank you Sammy. πŸ™‚ I remembered the moment that I was writing this post. I was crying a lot. Good thing that my husband didn’t noticed that because he was snoring so bad. hahahaha! I won’t advice you to wait for that moment but I encourage you to enjoy yourself, him, and your relationship. You would definitely miss that once you get married. πŸ˜›

      • Sam Lanuza

        I am enjoying him for 11 years now. I wanna cook for him na and reign our house. hahaha (I hope he will not be able to read this) I just love the thought of sleeping together in one bed.

      • garethology

        hahahahaha! I love that concept too. but believe me, there will have times that you want him out of the bed. bwahahaha! just kidding. Wait a sec, alam ba niya na gusto mo na ng marriage life? Are you showing it to him? baka kasi naghihintay lang din siya. Or maybe he’s the type of person who does want to have a hassle-free marriage life with you, nag-iinvest pa malamang. I remembered the time when we were not yet married, I showed him how much I love to be his wife (I let him moved in my house—that was really a crazy action! my mom found that out and begging “don’t get married, you’re too young and your life will be ruined with marriage.”). I told to my mom that I want to marry him (he’s beside me during that moment). We have a different situation and I’m not asking you to do what I did, literally…haha. If you really really want to know if you guys ready then, kulitin mo siya? Pag-usapan niyo muna. Hope it enlightens you πŸ™‚

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