Let’s Grab a beer: To Smoke or not to Smoke? Part I

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Almost all of the citizens are smokers. And almost everyone is really tired of those campaigns of Anti-Smoking. It seems like there’s nothing we can do to prevent the side effects of tobacco smoke. Despite of the dozen campaign ads that we see or hear, I think it is now a universal truth that everyone knows that smoking is considered undefeated criminal.

Tobacco industries are really getting in our ways. They are one of the largest companies in the universe. They can’t be defeated because of its billion consumers and followers. Considering that it is part of the norm, there is still hope. There is an artist collective called Dakila- Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, believes that we can still fight against huge tobacco companies. How? Through exposing their dirty tactics in a form of short film…video making contest is the answer!

So why am I saying this? Because we are one of those people who wanted to stop producing tobaccos.

Here are the facts about smoking and tobacco companies:

Smoking kills(cross fading song:Killing me Softly)—from first hand to third hand smoke.

Tobacco companies sponsor sari-sari stores (mini stores where you can buy a stick of cigarette) to sell cigarettes. They distribute packs and boxes of it (i think its for free) and let the vendors sell it in a cheaper price.

Smoking can cause different illnesses and can make you weaker. Hello smoker athletes!

Smoking can cause halitosis (bad breath) and throat problems such as pharyngeal cancer and laryngeal cancer. To all the singer smokers, there is still hope. Prevention is better that cure.

We joined the contest and above is the link of our favorite video entry (we submitted a lot!).

Please watch it (on youtube). You can place your comments too. If you liked it, Share the advocacy. Thanks!

Its not the usual No smoking campaign video that says “Stop Smoking” in the end.

Every click counts, your 1 view is important to us. Thank you for the click and enjoy watching!


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