Let’s have a drink of Wine! : Be blessed

July 15, 2012/5:16am


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Well I’ve got news for you! It’s from God. J Great thing to start on a Sunday morning. Baaam! Here it goes:

Romans 8:1, Hebrews 8:6-8, and “Satan cannot manage a peaceful believer”

Check those out! Well if you’re a Non-Christian reader, your Allah, Buddha, Scientology God, Jah loves you whoever or whatever you are! Bismillah, Shalom!

These verses/words were kept on my notepad for a very long time and I didn’t know where’d I get that and why but then when I checked the Bible, it lightened me more. I’m not going to feed you with the lines, let yourself check it (you can use different version such as the King James Version or the Amplified Version for a layman’s term words. I used the Amplified for a simpler life, hehe) so you would know what’s in it.

We (My Husband and I) were watching Ironman Duology 3hours ago (if there’s such a term, it was written on the torrented file) and the scene that strikes me most was the part where Tony Stark watched the film of his father (hey wait, just to let you know, this is not a movie review…or it may be a bit.) about the legacy of Stark’s invention (was it an invention or discovery? I forgot… I’m not really good on movie reviews, sorry. My bad. But if you’ve watched Ironman2, you would understand what part I’m trying to describe). So anyway, Tony’s father said “Tony, this is for you…”. He said that everything of his creation belongs to him and it is intended for him. Take note, there’s a part that he’s saying that Tony can do better things than his father have done. And that’s what he did. If there’s no Stark, there will be no S.H.I.E.L.D and there will be no Avengers for the trending Thortang talong, Thoron, DocThor, Thor. Same as what God did. Do you remember the story about Jesus saying to a disciple “You can do better than what I’ve done”? God created life, this heaven for us.  For you, Reader. You may be an atheist, anti-Christ, agnostic, pagan, marginalized, or someone who’s been labeling you as a sinner, but hey stop from there and listen, my friend! No matter what you think of yourself, God loves you. If you don’t believe in God, well to tell you the truth, there is someone bigger than you, bigger than the world, bigger than the universe, and bigger than the evils of all evils loves you more than you know and if you don’t want believe me, believe in faith.

Faith is something you believe or expect that you can’t see. Forget about Do’s and Don’ts, condemnation, and/or going to hell if you don’t obey, and the ifs. You will be forgiven, if you will please God. HEY STOP! I’m not going to give a math lecture here but a GOOD NEWS! And the Good News is that God has been forgiven you since you existed in this world! Well actually, he’s already pleased at you. Because he sees Jesus Christ in you. Because of the blood of Jesus Christ. All the sins that Adam made have been gone because of Jesus’ death. Accept that.

Remember the woman who committed adultery? People are condemning her for disobeying the law of God. But do you know what Jesus did? He asked the people, who among you never committed a sin? Throw her a stone. No one threw a stone to the woman. The law (10commandments) was written on the stones and He said that no one should break it. And you know what Jesus did? He approached the ground and pointed his finger as if he was writing. During their time, the ground was made of stones! He is greater than what’s written on that stones. Then He told the woman that He is not condemning her, go and sin no more. The crowd would stone her to death if they could but they couldn’t, Jesus could but he wouldn’t. Jesus forgave her first and He didn’t even let the woman ask for forgiveness to be forgiven, not  what other religious churches are practicing “you will be forgiven IF you ask him forgiveness or do good things”. He even told her Go and SIN NO MORE not go and don’t sin again. That’s different. Isn’t that much empowering for us to hear what Jesus says? He doesn’t condemn.

Going back to Ironman2, it has been revealed to me that God is preparing for something big for you (And it was portrayed through Ironman, it’s funny to think but I believe that He’s into digital now, high five to Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Thomas Edison). Think about what Tony Stark was before? He’s rebellious yet trying to tell the public how great his dad is. However, he has this guilt that makes him go apart from dad. Guilt of “He thinks that his father hates him”. We know that God is “The God” but how many of us really know what God and Jesus are anyway? How much he loves us? Maybe some would claim that “I know Him, of course. I wouldn’t be here because of Him”. If that’s the case, why do we experience hate? depression? Anxiety? Why do we suffer? Relax. Take a deep breath. And let go. Simple, isn’t it? It seems simple but a lot of people can’t do it. Again, let go. God is bigger than these problems, illness, pains that you are having. He is like Mr. Stark, we thought that he punishes or hate you for being Tony but the truth is, he is preparing a big bang that is in favored in you. The bottomline of those verses are: that you are not under the law but under grace, and the other verse reveals why we are now under grace (because of Jesus). The line, “Satan cannot manage a peaceful believer” means that you cannot be attacked by those illnesses, sufferings when you have the peace. And that peace can only get from God. That’s my God.

Let’s boast not our Love for God but Let’s boast God’s Love FOR US. Until next revelation! Have a great day! Shalom!


2 thoughts on “Let’s have a drink of Wine! : Be blessed

  1. maui

    sobrang nakakainlove si Jesus Christ dahil sa sinulat mo. sobrang nakakainlove ka rin.. salamat sa blog na to! please keep on posting! it means a lot to me!

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