Baby Walkers: recommended or not?

Dr. David Geller(Pediatrician) said that baby walkers may delay your babies from walking and sitting unassisted. American Academy of Pediatrics is against the usage of baby walkers because it discourages the infant to walk on his own and it may cause danger.

A month ago, my 8 month old niece just had an accident caused by the walker. She fell on the stairs and had so many bruises and wounds. The injuries were not severe but the accident was very traumatic. I was using the same baby walker. I borrow it whenever my daughter eats her cereal. I almost bought one (my pegged design was the local vintage one. It’s cheaper and it looks unique). But when I saw articles about its disadvantages, I hold back. From now on, I wouldn’t let my baby to use a walker again even if it makes you breathe a bit from stress.

So parents, have safety precautions.  🙂

Thanks to Dr.Google and Baby Center

Sorry for the not-so-good editing. It is a draft.

Pinoy Genius Game: Celebrity Edition

Another guessing game, again. Love team Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. Check out how they play it differently.
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Quality Time

How would you spend your quality time to your love ones?  Here are the usual examples of what couples do:

– Watch movies together

– Dine in a fine dining restaurant (or fast food chains)

– Take a bath together (or don’t take a bath on the entire day)

– Do some sporty activities (cowgirl, reverse cow girl, military sty…ahem… think sports)

– Do the laundry together

And so on and so on…


We normally do those too. But our most favorite thing to do is: to shoot (record). Film is one of our passion that we do. Plus, it really makes us bond together like a glue. So if you’re tired to do the usual watch movie together, why do something like you’ve never been done before? (get a hooker and let them do the house chores while you and your love ones are enjoying barbecues beside a bat cave…just an idea. hehehe)

The webisode that we are working on is about husbands and wives roles. A 3-4 minuter tutorials that a man and a woman must know. It is really a challenging film; Imagine a Michelle Phan make up tutorial but the husband will be the one teaching. And for the wife, she’ll be teaching about electronics and what a man supposed to do. I mean, how would that suppose to look like? A man teaching about households and beauty while the woman is teaching carpentry and machinery. The challenge is interesting though. The most important part is: enjoying the moment together. Working while spending time, perfect combination!

While my husband is working on his plants (Plants vs. Zombies), I gave him little accessories for our new webisode. I made his hair color gold using a body paint and draw some awkward tattoos to suit his machismo character.




Here’s a sneak peek of the film:


That’s my man!

So I hope that you got some ideas to spice up your relationship. Creativity is the key and I know that you have tons of them. 😛

*Challenge for couples: How would you break the SOS(same old shit) routine on a marriage life?


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Welcome to the Marriage Club!

I’m getting married!!! To whom? To my guy best friend which happened to be my boyfriend that lead me to marry him…too bad for I will spoil all of his secrets!

It was 10th of July, we exchanged vows. Wear the most precious ring. Ate the sweetest cake. And my groom’s most awaited part, to change my surname. I can clearly remember how the day shines so great despite the rainy climate (yes, it’s like rain on a wedding day! Alanis Morisette’s Ironic—but it wasn’t Ironic at all. It is indeed a blessing!). I feel like I am the most beautiful bride on that day. Here’s the script about what happened…

One rainy morning, the bride and groom shares one bed. The bride wakes up. The Groom is still sleeping. The bride got encouraged to sleep again. After an hour. They are still sleeping…

Everybody’s waiting. The bride and groom wakes up late. While the bride is rushing to the bathroom, the groom is preparing for his suit. The bride sees what the groom is doing.

Bride: What are you sewing?!

Groom: (while using the big, old sewing machine) I am making an improvised tie for the suit.

The bride’s heart melts so bad. While staring at the tie…

(Voice Over)Bride: (feeling guilty) I wish I didn’t avail this gown…if only we could rush to a department store, but it’s too early. 😦

The bride gets a banana. She throws it to the husband.

Bride: Here, you haven’t taking your breakfast yet.

Groom: (smiling like a gorilla) Thanks.

They forgot to cut the long veil to be used for the bride. While waiting for the car, the groom fixes his bride’s veil.

Arriving at the Lake, everybody’s taking coffee; you could see dozens of eye bags and bored faces.

Using the non-traditional system, the groom and the bride walked together at the aisle…with an umbrella…while an instrumental music (saxophone with a beat like a sex scene) is playing. The sound system in charge didn’t know what music to be played.

Fast forward to the exchanging of vows…

The bride says her vow. Then she suddenly stutter. The bride laughs with the microphone turned on. Everybody laughs.

The groom says his vow. The bride cries while the groom is declaring his eternal commitment.

Kiss the bride scene… since the bride is short, her chin is up waiting for the groom to kiss but the groom was so overwhelmed with joy, he got pre-occupied looking at the people and she forgot to kiss the bride. The bride is still looking up, waiting. She couldn’t take it anymore so she pulled her groom’s suit to be noticed. The ending: The groom holds the bride, opened the veil. The veil dropped together with the head dress. Then they kissed. Cheers!

The entire wedding was really a comedy. I hope you enjoyed my short story of love and comedy. Till the next story!

Here are some photos:

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(Location: Lakefarm Binan Laguna, Philippines)

Pinoy Genius

Another guessing game. 🙂 Boy Pick up and Vice Ganda are just one of the trending icons in the Philippines lately so we made a version of them. Boy Pick up a character played by the comedian and singer/composer Ogie Alcasid, while Vice Ganda is a TV personality and a comedian. Enjoy watching!

Let’s Drink Beer: Stuffed Toy!

Howdy! What’s with the stuff toy anyway?!

I asked my husband to select a random topic for a post. And he answered with full energy, “STUFFED TOY!” So I’m going to share something 10 things what I know about Stuff Toys(without researching on Dr.Google. ha!).

In 3…2…1…Write!

1. Stuffed toys are fluffy. Textures varies from feathery, furry, rough—yes we have that in Divisoria, etc…

2. Almost everyone in the world loves it because of the comfort that it brings.

3. A curved needle is being used in stitching the outer part of the toy.

4. You can make your own improvised stuffed toy using your sewing kit and old clothes. It’s even a great way to save mother earth(the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)

5. Elmo of Sesame Street is also a stuffed toy…guess I was the last one to know that!

6. During the Pre-teen to early 20’s, stuffed toys are so popular as a present to couples (if not, at least it became so popular during my high school years…your classmates would think that you are a loser if you haven’t receive any. So I bought one for myself…HA! Just kidding!).

7. Bear Hugs and Bear Cuddlers were the most popular bear stores during the late 90’s in Manila (I’m not really sure, I just made it up).

8. The tiniest bear stuffed toy is smaller than a finger (approx. half a centimeter).

9. Lotso is the name of the Toy Story 3’s villain. And he’s a stuffed toy

10. Stuffed toy is a kind of toy that has a stuff in it. lol

So I wish that you learned some senseless and useless trivia from this post!

Till the next drink! Cheers man!

The Walking Dead Philippines

Zombie, walker, monster…whatever you call it! They’re just the same. As for me, I’m such a fan of zombies…since the first launch of Resident Evil game(Ah no, I was wrong…Since The Nights of the Living Dead existed). So I am one of the fans of The Walking Dead and its just few months (3months from now) before the airing of their third season.

Now, being an obsessed zombie fan, My husband and I made a zombie film. “While the zombies are having fun, an ordinary man approached them asking where to buy a block of ice. Check out what those zombies’ reaction!” Enjoy watching and will wait for your comments! Thanks! Raaaawgh!

*Tao means human in English*

Let’s grab a bite: What’s cookin’ Banana Crepe?(Maltreated but yummy!)

I really don’t have patience when it comes to cooking. I just want to eat. But then when I married my handsome husband(insert audio: yelling crowd!), I started to like cooking. I believe that “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” so that’s what I did. I hit him on his stomach… using my fist (lol).

My family tree really has this gift of cooking and almost everyone of my relatives have a profession in food. And ironically, I didn’t inherit that…until I found out that I have a sort of passion on it too! (insert audio of clapping that sounds like frying—I hate that sfx, I hear it usually on local talk shows!)

I know that I’m very new to the cooking world but thanks to hussy (i’m creating a jargon, it’s husband) for appreciating every food I make for him. And so the cooking legacy continues…

Last week, I surprised my hussy a banana crepe.

Prepare for the following (good for 2 pax):


pancake mix



all purpose cream

sugar and powdered choco for additional flavors

You just have to mix the pancake mix, the egg, and water. Cook it. Add some bananas and additional flavors then put in the fridge (let it cool first before chilling). Serve the crepe with batting eyelashes to hussy so he would look to you instead of the mess that you did to the food. 😀



I’m really glad that he liked it and I hope you should do better than what I’ve done. hahahaha. Don’t stick with one flavor, it’s just like fashion, mix and match according to your mood and fashion state Keep those taste buds working for new flavors!

Practice makes perfect! Keep on cooking! 🙂